2020 Ford F150 brave plus version of the first national six is ​​in pre-sale

2020 F150 brave plus version of the high-end life quality and the cultural connotation of the taste is the truly reflection of the unique personality and charm of the driver.

Parallel imports 2020 Ford F150 brave plus version

Vehicle procedure: booth car

Vehicle color: black Appearance / black red interior

Vehicle offer: National Six pre-sale

Vehicle configuration: seven, 10-speed transmission, cockpit DVD navigation, Front fog light, reversing video image, rear fog light, fixed speed cruise, high brake light, driving computer display, leather pilot seat [with electric adjustment / ventilation function], rear view mirror electric adjustment, second row of true skin electric Actual seat [rearview mirror memory, electric adjustment / heating], front induction rain scratch, rains scraping, post-park radar [front and rear movement], ABS anti-lock brake brake system, passenger cabin independent seat configuration Massage system, rear difference lock, passengers, passengers, ride cabinet, streamlined full aluminum closed body, Sony audio package, electric panoramic sunroof, door password lock, front bumper modified, rear view camera Side of the kit, after air conditioner, carrying luggage, leather steering wheel, body side, reinforced bearing pedal, interior high gloss trim, front and rear hook, interior plate color change, 18 inch electro-plated hub , Passenger cabins reading lights, short hair fixed carpets, activity carpets, hidden tool boxes in the rear surface wall, turbochamposia, and strengthen the sound insulation noise of the whole car.

Parallel import 2020 Ford F150 brave plus version of the version of the whole peak, in the body size, the mainstream large SUV is more advantageous, 20 Ford Brand is like its name is very brave.

20 Ford F150 brave plus version of the decorative design program still follows the air Huang Kang’s design style Ford brave’s car interior design style is not like it Type mighty domineering, black red car interior with wood texture decorative panels look more luxurious fitness exercise.

Parallel imports 2020 Ford F150 brave plus version of the SUV undertake the American car unparalleled systemic muscle sensation and line, as the hottest car in the Ford truck series is an aggressive front face.

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