Electric owner “冻” warning! I have never expected steering wheel to heat it like today.

Almost I have frozen a chance of the primary teacher

Today, today’s cold wave gave everyone a ferocious lower Mawei. Anytute state teacher is frozen. I suspect that life is, of course, I am not invincible for a sentence you see yesterday, that is, January 6 will be the lowest temperature in Beijing to enter the 21st century.

The lowest day of the 21st century, it was more cold

In this unmanned weather, the owner of each new energy car believes There is a belly, after all, in the eyes of the outside, the people who open new energy cars have become a group laminated object. What is the driving treasure driving, driving with a hot water bottle, covering a blanket on the legs Occasionally, today, the teacher will come to represent a call on behalf of the new energy owner, talk about what the new energy owner is most needed in winter!

steering wheel heating!

steering wheel heating!

steering wheel heating!

Important things are three times, this feature does not say three times, and thirty times is not enough. Almost every new energy owner is looking at this function. In this regard, it is necessary to make praises, Tesla, Nissan. The new Model 3 and Y are standard for steering wheel heating. Although the sales of Xuan Yi pure electricity is not ideal, this steering wheel heating the function, who must use who said good!

Tesla’s new Model 3 and Y are allocated with steering wheel, and no additional money is opened.

What is the other functions of Xuanyi pure electricity? This steering wheel heating is true! Teacher State has been unin understood, why so many pure electric brands are so much not valued for steering wheel, even before the exchange of host plants, the state teacher knows that it is the main factory research. The leadership of the department strongly recommends that the design department has increased this configuration, and eventually fails to wish, what is it?Is it difficult to increase steering wheel heating caused a significant increase in cost? It seems not very logical, after all, there are many modified steering wheel heated in the auto parts city. Although it is very ugly and is not safe, but at most, it can be seen that this feature is not so big, the cost is not particularly high, so Is it a general lack of the configuration of the steering wheel, which can only be arrogant.

Here, the state teachers must represent all the new energy owners to all the host factory: weak and ignorant is not the obstacle of survival, proudly (from “three bodies”), facing consumers Strong appeal, I hope that the main plant can respond in time, let the steering wheel heaters to appear in the configuration form of the model as soon as possible, even if the option is good!

The steering wheel heating is so important for the new energy owner, in fact, it is particularly simple, in the frequency of the maximum single driving environment, the seat heating + steering wheel is heated under most scenes is sufficient to meet the driving Single warm needs, after all, in winter, we also wear down jackets when we drive. It is not urgent to improve the temperature of the whole car, but it is legs, and the two down jackets are not protected, which urgently needs warm care, this When the seat heating and steering wheel heating is particularly sweet.

Now, after the second grade of Lianbang’s family is on the second grade, I will ask for a hot fart in the first time. It can be seen that this direct heating function is loved. In addition, if there is a combination of seat heating + steering wheel, when the single drive, the air conditioner is really not necessary, this is the biggest gospel for power.

Single driving mode

Hand, leg, foot body sensation heating + car machine topic visual heating

single mode This is enough to

This feature can be said to undertake the above, because the high-frequency high-speed than the scene is a single driving, for the driver’s care, it is not just called us, or the driver’s car, or The urgent needs of the driver to the driver are just needed. For example, in modern Angkeno pure electricity, it is equipped with a single mode. When starting a single mode, only the air-conditioned air outlet is opened on the driver side.Conditioning, all all close, whether in summer or in winter, can make the driver area to achieve comfort temperature.

While such a design is also a distance from the single model in the state of the state, it is a truly considerate driver’s progress, in the idea of ​​the state, the future single mode, especially winter The single mode should be a button to open the seat heating + steering wheel Heating + foot hot air, add a special hot air outlet specifically for the foot on the basis of the seat heating, so that the opponent can be achieved without increasing too much heating energy consumption. , Rapid heating of legs, foot, allows drivers to reach a comfortable state, while also avoiding invalid heating of other spaces of the cockpit, saving electricity.

The above design is a expected value for electric car owners to the warm heart configuration, I don’t know how to see it? In your psychology, what is the warmest configuration? Tell us in the comment area, let us continue to appeal to the host factory to meet our needs!

State Review

Winter’s new energy owner is not good for everyone to understand the reality, so in this cold wave of this year, Sithers shakes in the cockpit, new The energy owners have never been enhanced by the warm heart configuration, such a cold winter, each of the mainframes that promptly respond to customer needs warm is not the customer’s hand, but the customer’s heart, so the big, steering wheel Heating GKD!

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