Reminder 丨 2021 Hunan Auto Show has enabled the public to visit the show to bring the ID card

2021 Hunan Automobile Exhibition and Changsha City’s first automobile consumption festival will be held at Hunan International Convention and Exhibition Center (the window of the world) from April 30th to May 5th.

The Auto Show Organizing Committee tips, according to the prevention and control requirements, all staff, volunteers, car merchants, and the exhibition staff can enter the field. All viewers need health check, ticket inspection, safety inspection, real name verification and pass after passing before entering the venue. The public came to visit, remember to carry ID card with you, and wear a mask, preparing the epidemic prevention health information code and communication big data stroke card. Do not carry control tools and flammable and explosive prohibited items.


1 ID card must be original, electronic ID card, temporary ID card cannot be entered.

2 Working license One person has a certificate, has been bound to ID card and cannot be transfigured.

3 In order to save the entry time, it is necessary to apply for “residential electronic health card” in advance and save the screenshots in the mobile phone.


1 In order to save time, please register “epidemic prevention health information code in advance.”

2 can save the “Communication Big Data Travel Card” on the same day in advance to save the screenshot of the mobile phone.

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