Welfare 丨 You have a Sinopec recharge card from Hunan Auto Show to be received

“May 1” is getting closer and closer, this holiday, how do you schedule? If you haven’t thought about it, I recommend “card” April 30th to May 5th, the 2021 Hunan Auto Exhibition and Changsha City Automobile Consumption Festival (hereinafter referred to as “2021 Hunan Auto Show”) in Hunan International Convention and Exhibition Center. Ultra-high-standard car feast, not only look good, fun, the organizing committee also prepares “Ten Majors”, including the Top Ten, Hui Award, First Fighting, Cash, 5G Award, Red Drill, Lucky Award, Card Award, Learning Mike, Come, etc. In the prize, the light-based recharge card sent by the SHIHHHHU Changsha company is worth nearly million yuan, buy a car, watch the car, there is a big probability, quite “big hand”!

Welfare is so tempting, how can I get the “wool” of the Sinopec recharge card? Squiring a good Raiders, take away.

path one: buy a car, the highest value of Sinopec recharge card worth 600 yuan

If you successfully subscribe to the car purchase during the auto show, please don’t rush to the exhibition, remember to bring your ID card, car invoice, effective order, mobile phone number (must be petrochemical App registered tied mobile phone number) to the organizing committee registration. The organizing committee jointly launched a “buy new car, plus petrochemical oil” activity, filling your new car full of the first box of oil, the “Top Ten Gifts”. 100 car purchase per day will receive a Sinopec recharge card with a face value of 500 yuan, while stocks last.

If you are a car purchase car, congratulations! 2021 Hunan Auto Show implements the spirit of the national two sessions, helping the village revitalization, combined with the activities of the car to the countryside, is the “Hui Nong Award” in the Ten Mass Gifts. During the auto show, with the account book, ID card, car invoices, effective orders, mobile phone numbers (must be refueling Petrochemical APP registration, mobile phone number) to the organizing committee registration, can receive 600 yuan in Petrochemical recharge card electronic coupon. Similarly, 100 per day, while stocks last.

It is to be noted that the purchase model must be a brand of the auto show, and can enjoy the activity policy and cannot be re-enjoys other policies, otherwise it will be invalid.

Path 2: See the car, the highest has the opportunity to receive a 200 yuan Sinopec recharge card

Didn’t buy a car? It’s ok. For the “true love powder” of the on-site card, the Hunan Auto Show Organizing Committee will never be embarrassed.

All said “The early bird has insects”, in the 2021 Hunan Auto Show, this sentence is also applicable – during the auto show, the top 10 event tickets will be “First Fight Prize” The winners can get a three-petrochemical recharge card worth 100 yuan, a total of 60.

In addition, in 11am and 3on in the afternoon, 25 audiences will be issued to the “Lucky Award” at the scene, and each audience who has received “Lucky Award” will receive a face value. Sinopec recharge card of 200 yuan. 50,000 per day, totaling 300.

It is important to point out that the Sinopec recharge card is only one of the prizes, “Ten major gift” prizes also include Costa or puvet beverages, learning car discounts, 400 yuan cash, Xiangyu red diamond, even 5G mobile phone!

Heart? Then hurry! Snoving you, April 21 – April 29th, buy 2021 Hunan Auto Show tickets in Barley, you can also enjoy half price, the original price of 40 yuan is only 20 yuan!

Tips, when the ticket remembers the progress hall, remember to find a staff to receive a lottery ticket. Before the day of the day, it is best not to leave the exhibition hall, all awards, draw on the same day, the day award, expired.

In addition, please continue to keep in the ticket after the play. Hunan Auto Show Organizing Committee, Changsha City Culture and Tourism and Television Bureau launched “Tag Hunan Auto Show, visit the Hong Changsha” activities, hold the Hunan Auto Show Tickets to a lot of net red scenic spots and net red dining, you can enjoy exclusive benefits!

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