World champion, etc. Help “# 南 起”, shake topic online 8 days broadcasts nearly 5 million

“Take the topic with me, win the big prize!” On April 24th, the World Badminton Champion Gong Rui was on the official topic “# 南 起” uploaded a card video, 2021 Hunan Auto Show “Playing Call”. In addition, many net red, name and automakers, distributors, gold sales, etc. are added to the discussion of the official topic “# 南 起”, there are more net red scenic spots, net red food merchants, banks, driving schools, etc. Outletwork partners come to help … As of April 25, the topic of the shake is nearly 5 million broadcasts.

From April 30th to May 5th, 2021 Hunan Automobile Exhibition and Changsha City Auto Consumption Festival (hereinafter referred to as “2021 Hunan Auto Show”) will be held in Hunan International Convention and Exhibition Center (next to the Window of the World) . 2021 Hunan Auto Show Organizing Committee specially opened the topic channel, for the majority of consumers to pay heavy benefits: from now on, participate in the official topic “# 南 起”, upload card video, have the opportunity to get a surprise award.

From now until May 5, participate in the 2021 Hunan Auto Show video collection competition, with the official topic “# 南 起”, upload card video, according to the combined number of vocal numbers and video quality ranking, have the opportunity Get first prize, cash reward 3,000 yuan; 2 second prizes, cash rewards 2000 yuan; 4 prizes, cash reward 1000 yuan; popularity award, reward oil card 400 yuan. Before April 29th, “# 南 起” topic, have the opportunity to receive a 2021 Hunan Auto Show ticket reward for 40 yuan, limited to 500 copies, first come first served. The final interpretation right is owned by the Hunan Auto Exhibition Organizing Committee.

2021 Hunan Auto Show Organizing Committee to facilitate the participants, in addition to opening the topic topic “# 南 起”, also opened WeChat video number channels, participants only need to pay attention to the official video number “Hunan Auto Exhibition “, Click” Image Collection Contest “activity, upload video participation.

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