Zero hundred acceleration 3 second torque super 15,000 cattle · Mi pure electric Hummer re-plastic hard sector

Hummer came out, the car chacity service, this sentence has been circulated between the hard-owner owners, and the Taoist the infinite scenery of the Hummer, and after the Hummer stopped, let many cars blustered, sigh, the scenery, the scenery is not again.

After a few years after a few years, overseas media announced the new Hummer EV SUV picture, which also predicts the high-profile regression of Hummer, and this Hummer is resurrected, or will be heavy Ceiling of a shaping cross country model.

In order to comply with the big trend of automobile development, this Hummer is powered by pure electricity, full power resurrection. According to foreign media, the first pure electric Hummer has identified the first owner through auction, and more production models will be officially launched in 2023.

Hummer returns, the shape still maintains the hard style, the front face is a grille of multiple rectangles, but this design does not need to emphasize functionality, so it is used. Closed, this also shows the pure electric identity of the model. The grill uses chrome decoration, let the front of the front of the front, “Hummer” above the front of the front, more tension than the Land Route.

At the lower grille, the design of the front front uses silver decoration, the visual impact force is large, and it also alleviates the highness of the ground gap, the body side is designed, the line is straight, almost no The curvature, the dark eyebrows are very large from the gap of the tire, and when walking muddy road, it can be more calm.

Under the door, it is a black pedal, which makes the passenger, more convenient, in the tail of the vehicle, the same straight tail, the taillights are The rectangular design, the spare tire hanging on the tail, with a huge momentum.

From the picture of the network, the layout of the interior is more focused on comfort, but weaken the rough feeling of hard travers, 13.4-inch suspended medium control screen and 12.3-inch full liquid crystal instrument, improve the vehicle The technology atmosphere, the wrap of a large number of cortex, so that there is a warm feeling in the cockpit.

As a pure electric cross-country model, Hummer EV SUV is good in dynamic performance, and the movement of three electric units.Force system, integrated power up to 830 horsepower, peak torque reaches 15592 cow middot; rice, maintains powerful wildness, officially referred to as zero-hell acceleration only 3 seconds, the endurance mileage under EPA conditions is about 563km.

This time, the horse is full of resurrection, apparently has the determination of reshaping hard-owned cross-country ceiling, on the shape, maintains a classic shape, can awaken a generation of memories, Power, 15,000 cattle middot; rice domineering, still allows almost all off-road models. At the same time, there is a qualitative leap in the driving method, pay more attention to the comfort of driving and the scientific atmosphere of the cockpit.

If you are still in Mercedes-Benz Gr or Toyota Land Cool Lu Ze, you may wish to wait for this full power resurrection. Do you like this pure electric beast? Welcome to the message discussion in the ghost car message area.

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