Zhangzhou Yurchi 丨 Thanksgiving Mother’s Day is 钜 惠

Mother’s Day

Maternal love is a warm and soft, a kind of music that is not greasy, a calm and deep calm, a kind of no regret If you don’t ask for the right to return, a kind of smile will not be warm forever, a self-washing that is brushing, a thickness that does not have to be accepted, and a high degree of unsatisfied. Mother loves the mountain, mother loves water, mother love is boundless. I wish all my moms are healthy and happy!

Warm Mayday, Thanksgiving Mother’s Day

Zhangzhou Yuri Chuan Mother’s Day Thanksgiving Shenghui hot waves come

Wanhua Auto City

Buying a car is going to be this wave

Welfare makes you dazzled

[ 123] Only one word: come! “Buy”

Multi-Hao Li, Thanksgiving Great

A gift: [Thanksgiving to the store 】 All activities to shop female customers send Aireland Skin multi-blankets

Double gift: [test drive Gifts] During the event, the customer can get a beautiful gift.

Triple gift: [Buy car gift] During the event, you can bide a car, you can win a golden egg to win a car gift [ 123]

Quadruple: [Financial Gift] Super 0 First Payment, Separate 36 Wheit Residence


Five Gems: [Mobile Phone] New Car M6Pro Qualification Send Huawei Mobile

Six Gifts; [Refractions] Transfer New Customers CarSend 500 yuan oil card +1 maintenance

Seven Gift [Blind Box Li] Pumping Cash Blind Box, Sower 3066

7 highlights, you deserve

1PRO level security configuration: standard 4 + 2 airbag, full family travel, safe and worry-free

2PRO level Zhilian Technology: 10 L2-level driving assistance, smart online, Easily travel

3PRO level Zhilian Technology: Huawei Hicar black technology blessing, wireless destination Emission flat bed mode, where to go, all enjoy

5PRO level magic space: 170mm super wide two-channel channel, wide to treat people, wide people [123 ]

6PRO grade Magic space: 20+ human storage space, handle, tentacle and

7PRO Super Magic Space: 1100L large baggage room, Loading, beyond imagination

Address: Building A18, Wanhua Automobile City, North Lake District [123

Service Hotline:


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