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Real shot Lamborghini huracán sto, the strongest calf!

Today, the real shot is Lamborghini’s strongest calf: Huracaacute; N Sto, this car is the abbreviation of “Super Trofeo OMOLOGATO” as the sub-car name, development concept comes from Huracaacute N Super trofeo evo and huracaacute; n gt3 EVO’s road super run.

The outermost road of the outermost closest to the factory car

The world’s first performance in November 2020, inheriting for three consecutive years, Daytona 24-hour durability Two degrees Sebring 12-hour Durable GTD Level Championship Series of the bloodline of the bloodline; N Sto, the appearance not only imported with Huracaacute; N GT3 EVO and Huracaacute; N GT3 EVO Similar Vehicle, and the whole car 75 percent body 件Changed from carbon fiber material, Lamborghini’s R & D department also installed “Cofango”, design inspiration from Miura and Sesto Elemento, the front germplashot carbon fiber, will cover the whole bag, front bumper, The spoiler is integrated with the front leaf sheet metal, which can greatly reduce the weight of the vehicle and can speed up the speed of the part in the event.

Huracaacute; NSTO Appearance is imported with Huracaacute; N Super Trofeo Evo and Huracaacute; N gt3 EVO Similar Vehicle, and 75% of the whole car change Produced by carbon fiber materials, the burner is only 1,339 kg.

Huracaacute; N Sto is equipped with “Cofango”, design inspiration from Miura and Sesto ELemento’s front gear carbon fiber integrated head.

Published the display car, also selected a custom Verde Citrea lemon green car, with STO exclusive contrast Arancio Dac orange red contrast car color coating and STO exclusive Paint coated kit.

In addition, Huracaacute; N Sto has a central air intake in which the head has a central air intake of Huracaacute; N GT3 EVO, the shunt and the side-by-side guide flashes, which can improve the pressure under the front of the car. The heat dissipation efficiency, the car side is also replaced with a wide-body leaf of the N Super Trofeo Evo, and the NACA air intake, the red-designed hood integration car can enhance the engine cooling effectiveness, the roof The air intake is extended to the car, and can also form a central doorkal of the shark fin, increase the stability of the vehicle high-speed travel and the bend.

As for the tail, Huracaacute; N STO is an active air that can be adjusted in three orchestration in accordance with different driving conditions, and introduces Ala (areidinamica Lambori Attiva) Large-scale fixed-endable ends of the mechanics system, can generate 440 kilograms of under pressure, under pressure, 53%, and the air mechanical efficiency also increased by 37% by 53% by Huracaacute; nterformante.

Huracaacute; NSTO special standard

  1. STO lightweight engine design: whole car Hethers 75 percentage replacement is carbon fiber material

    STO racing machine air suite: 200 kilometers of speed, resulting in 440 kg under pressure

  2. STO racing three-segment adjustable fixed tail

  3. STO racing fast demolition Hill

  4. COFANGO carbon fiber integrated head

  5. Embassy carbon fiber appearance details: front luggage Covered plate, front leaf sheet metal into the air hole, shark fin

  6. Competitive space for full battle It’s like the double-seat space of the racing cockpit; N Sto is equipped with titanium alloy rolling cages equipped with Akrapovič (can be reduced by 40% by stainless steel rolling cage), 4-point seat belt, and a large number of Alcantara suede is covered with an interior, and there is a front space for the racing helmet in the luggage compartment of the head, and is equipped with a carbon fiber racing seat, a carbon fiber foot pedal, and a pull-up tape. Door switch and carbon fiber vehicle door interior plate.

  7. However, in order to match the demand of the road, Huracaacute; N Sto also configures a 8.4-inch HMI touch screen that is configured to set the driving mode. LDVI (Lamborghini DINAMICA VEICOLO INTEGRATA) body dynamic integration system, monitors information such as tire pressure, brake temperature, and can record the data of the telemetry system, and data analysis can be performed through the owner’s exclusive Lamborghini Unica mobile app.

    Huracaacute; NSTO interior special standard

  8. STO exclusive driving mode selection system [123 ] [

Monochrome Sports Suede Interior

[123 ]

Multi-function steering wheel

Adhere to V10 natural intake passion, then drive matching Control

  1. As for performance performance, Huracaacute; N sto is a 5.2-liter V10 natural intake gasoline engine (actual exhaust volume 5,200cc) with Huracaacute; N EVO car system (actual exhaust amount 5, 200cc) The same 640 (HP), the maximum torque is set at 565n.m, with a 7-speed dual clutch gearbox and the rear wheel drive setting, only 3.0 seconds can be 100 kilometers from the static acceleration to time, from stationary It takes only 9 seconds in 200 km from the speed, and the speed is affected by the air suite and is only 310 km speed (N EVO Coupe Acute; the speed is 325 kilometers), and the full track is prerequisite.

    And Huracaacute; NSTO also has three new driving modes of STO (street), Trofeo and Pioggia (Rain Wars) (Standard Edition HURACAACUTE; NEVO The driving mode is STRADA, SPORT and CORSA, and the driver can switch to the Anima dynamic mode selection button under the steering wheel (STO mode is suitable for daily travel, Trofeo mode is set for track driving, and Pioggia is The track driving mode of rainy days is not the same as the general wetlact mode. It is specially designed for rainy days to explore wetland driving fun. With a wider range of spacing, the tracking suspension system, re-adjusting the anti-pump rod, and LMR 2.0 active electromagnetic suspension system and standardAfter the rear wheel steering system, you can provide more delicate dynamic settings in different environments, ensuring excellent driving performance at any time.

  2. Huracaacute; N Sto dynamic special standard

  3. Racing CCM-R carbon fiber ceramic brake system

    STO exclusive driving mode selection system

  4. [123 ]

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