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Sorry, don’t work with traditional car factory, Apple Car’s latest news

For the US technology factory Apple’s news, it has been a public secret that is now, although everyone knows that Apple wants to push Apple Car’s plan, but the details remain confidential. Recently, foreign media reports are referred to, including modern, Nissan, MAGNA and Toyota Assessment seems to eventually eventually dispel from the Apple Car program, so Apple will return to self-reliance to complete the development and manufacturing of Apple Car.

The last time about Apple Car is a BLoomberg report in mid-June, Apple hires former BMW Advanced Supervisor Ulrich Kranz to help the development of the automobile, plus before Doug Field, Vice President of Tesla Advanced Engineering, has also returned to Apple, showing the determination of Apple to launch electric vehicles.

Only, there have been several cars that have passed from Apple earlier, providing the experience and technology of related vehicle development and design in order to meet some bottlenecks, but recently the latest foreign media In the report, the collaboration may be in the abdomen of the collaboration, so the insider revealed that Apple is re-planning the vehicle development center, handling contracts with related parts suppliers.

The news that the insider reported the news, indicating the new strategy of Apple, including the relevant personnel layout, the main reason behind it is that the discussion of the traditional car factory is not smooth, basically no company to potential Interested in cooperation. It is said that after many negotiations fail, Apple determines that Apple Car’s development project can no longer wait, because the car market is rapidly changing.

In addition, coupled with Korean media reports, Apple has decided to return to their own initial plans to develop electric vehicles with highly automatic driving. However, it is speculated that Apple Car’s first new car can truly launch in the market, at least 4 years, but foreign experts believe that with Apple’s technology crystallization, even since 2025, sales will be sold in 2030It is not possible to reach about 1.5 million units.

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