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Car purchase manual: top-bearing Jiahua, let the people who consider the GL8 version began to tangle

Time to move forward, face two children in the family, you plan to buy a MPV to improve the space anxiety at home travel; or You need a bit of business attribute MPV on the business field to support the facade.

However, you find that the joint venture MPV can enter your eyes, only Buick GL8, Honda Odyssey and Eli 绅. There is too little choice, and it has already aesthetically tired? So you didn’t buy it.

One year later, the Korean brand injected new vitality into the MPV market, the fourth generation of Yajiahua listed, 4 models price of 288,900-339,900. This car has preheated it for approaching a year, and I saw it at the Beijing Auto Show in 2020.

So, how do you choose KiaJa? Which configuration is better? Talk today.

The body is good, can be more powerful than GL8

Kia Jiahua is a global model of Kia, some consumers It should have some impressions, which have been short-lived in the Chinese market. When the first generation of Jiahua was sold in a domestic child, I have passed 17 years.

I have been separated for so long, what highlights have there again after another domestic? 1 new car uses a third-generation I-GMP platform to create large MPV;

2 Dynamic combination of 2.0T + 8AT, maximum power 171.4 kW;

3 new axle distance reached 3090mm, using 2 + 2 + 3 seven layout;

4 double 12.3 inch integrated double-screen, embedded KIA Connect and Baidu Intelligent Internet System 3.0.

In the domestic market, 300,000 MPV, very obvious, Kia Jiahua’s largest competitor is Buick GL8, price 31.79 10,000-4179 million (excluding Avia models); in this price range, there is also a VolkswagenThis player exists that there will be the joining of Toyota. It can be said that the market is going to quot; white heat quot;

Kia Jiahua still maintains family-style design style, consistent with the US version of the model, the body size is 5155,1995,1795mm, respectively, The axis is 3090mm. The size of Kia Jiahua is very close to Buick GL8, the former width has a 17mm advantage, and the length and height are slightly lower than the Buick GL8. In addition, it is not too cheap that is too cheap on the wheelbase, only 2mm from Buick GL8.

Dynamic in terms of Jaja all models use 2.0T engines, maximum power 171.4kw, maximum torque 353 cow middot; rice; Buick GL8, also use 2.0T engine, maximum power 174kw, maximum Torque 350 cattle MIDDOT; Rice. The power parameters are very close, without kicking the obvious gap, but Buick GL8 needs to add 95 gasoline, and Jaja Add 92 gasoline, so in the follow-up car cost, Kia Jiahua may be better Some.

In addition to Buick GL8, Kia Jiahua also needs to face the Volkswagen. Volkswagen is 2.868 million to 399,800, and the 3180mm wheelbase is also a leading level in the same level, and the power performance is also provided with a 2.0T engine high and low power. Maximum power. 137 (162) KW, Maximum Torque 320 (350) Bull MIDDOT; Rice.

The above three, if you are considering the gap between Buick GL8 and Asha, the wheelbase and power is not big, if you are not a love Those who have adopted, most of you will choose Buick GL8, after all, have a long time market verification. On the other hand, if you pay more attention to the cost of the car in the later period, the Kia Jiahua, which plus 92 gasoline, may meet your needs. Volkswagen, recommended for consumers who like SUV shapes that need MPV space.

The standard is very comprehensive, the buying entry is not lost

The four configurations, the entry version is not low, it is worth buying. Deluxe technology and exclusive, see the needs of the car to have targeted purchase.

The price of 288,900, 2.0T Deluxe Edition, the configuration is more comprehensive. The main passive security configuration already includes lane deviation early warning system, lane maintenance auxiliary function, active brake and fatigue driving reminder. In addition, like reverse images, full-speed adaptive cruise, double-side electric slide doors, keyless start / access, leather steering wheel, double 12.3-inch screen, speech recognition, and OTA feature are already equipped. To be honest, the entry version is not low, it is worth buying.

Then, the difference between 11,000 yuan. Under the premise of most of the configurations, parallel assist, 360-degree panoramic image, and reversing vehicle side warning system. It is mainly to improve the security configuration, with better security and the difference is only 11,000 yuan, and this model is also worth recommending.

Then a luxury exclusive version of the difference of 20,000 yuan, priced at 319,900 yuan. The configuration of this model is mainly concentrated in comfort, from this car, the seat material is transformed into a leather, a co-driver electric adjustment, front seat heating / ventilation, the width driving position rear roller adjustment button, Various features such as heating / ventilation.

Deluxe Technology and Deluxe Exclusive, two versions, the former is mainly for the promotion of the main passive security configuration, and the latter is aimed at comfort. The two versions are different. If you want more improved scientific and technological configuration, you choose a luxury technology version; however, the main passive safety configuration is more comprehensive and budget, and more recommended to purchase luxury Edition.

Finally, the flagship version of the model is 339,900. This car integrates the configuration of science and technology and exclusive version. It has achieved satisfaction in the safety and comfort level, and also adds steering wheel heating, driving seat, Krell brand audio, car atmosphere light, and rearview mirror memory / Reversing the turning function.


Kia Jiahua’s product strength is good, picking up a problem, if the factor of brand influence is thrown, that is indeed possible with Buick GL8 on the market. However, Buick GL8 has been fighting for many years in the domestic market, in front of it, the identity of high-end MPV has been deeply rooted.

Let’s say it, Kia Jiahua is worth buying, the product strength is good. What is the specific to buy, it has been analyzed, the overall configuration is not low, the budget does not buy the entry version is also a good experience; two in the model, for the budget, but not so many users have targeted purchase.

Kia Jiahua’s top model, 31.99 million prices and 2022, GL8 entry, the price of GL8 is a bit like, go to see the configuration table?

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