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SAIC Volkswagen Zhongnan Region New Passat & New Tiguan L Media Tasting will end successfully

September 10, 2021, SAIC Zhongnan Region New Passat AMP; New Tiguan L Media Tasting in Nanchang, the event invited Hunan, Hubei and Jiangxi three provinces, many car mainstream media friends [ 123] More than 60 , joint witness SAIC Volkswagen two heavyweight change new car new Passat, new Tiguan l style!

The entire activity combines the highlights and local characteristics, from multiple angles Depart, create a high quality, unique atmosphere, and through holographic 3D laser performance, all guests can understand in depth under the visual feast

New Passat

amp; new Tanguan

l Design, style , Intelligent interconnection and technology configurations are many upgrade highlights.

New Passat

Suggested retail price:

SAIC public

Passat Since the launch of 2000, with excellent Product strength, Germany technology and strong brand appeal, always maintained the leading position in China and senior car markets. The Tasting Site, Mr. Wang Jia Ming, Vice President of Zhongnan Sales Service Center, SAIC Volume Automobile Co., Ltd., said: “ B-class sedan new Passat with young and future understanding, with unique Double-sided charm, redefine the classics in young, diverse ways.

[123 In terms of appearance, this new Passat upgrade, first launched a double face shape, new design of the star grille, providing young avant-garde and stable luxury multi-diversityChemical, personalized choice, resulting in new Passat new value claims – two

attitude, one world!

Newly designed star grille front face uses younger, avant-garde design language For Passat injection of more fashionable, dynamic atmospheres; and the face of the dot matrix grille is inheriting Passart, the mature temperament is more luxurious,

plus the whole standard

LED The headlights, powerful contours outline great avant-garde technology, so that the new Passat’s car field is improved. And provides three power assemblies 280TSI, 330TSI and 380TSI.

Interior, this time Passat’s rejg canceled the original brown interior , adding inlaid amber brown chair color, with aviation sleep headrest, comfortable, Harman Carton, let the ear addiction, comparable to any high-level concert [123 ]

Live scene; switch door, local blanket-type light shadow, the moment, comparable to the angel of the BMW 7 Series, the ceremony is full. At the same time

in the body color also made a young breakthrough, canceled the color of champagne gold, replaced with a more light and more emerging amber gold, adding glacial blue.

Not only that, on the security configuration, the new

Passat is still full Safety configuration and high quality, front double airbag, front side airbag, front and rear roller head safe gas curtain, front row three-point blast pre-tension seat belt,

EPB electronic parking brake system, Auto Hold Many security equipment such as automatic parking, ESP body dynamic electronic stability systems have made all standards, and fully guarded the driving safety.

Take a full journey intelligent driving assistance system, lane maintenance system, advanced adaptive settlement cruise system and intelligent parking assist system

, let users enjoy [123 ] The convenience and safety of L2 +-level driving assistance, parking is invested, leisurely calibration, free to control everything.

It can be seen that in recent years, the VAC is facing the market. Trend and digital wave, New Passat adaptively evolved the development of the times, breaking through the self, star, and the face is coming. The new New Passat family has made a comprehensive upgrade of the traditional modeling design, the luxurious space enjoyment, the configuration, and the classic model of sports technology, and the elegant atmosphere showed confidence and calm. While inheriting business genes, combining aesthetic and fashion trend, presenting new expressions about luxury and avant-garde, embrace new generations with more open gestures. “There is no exaggeration, Passat is an interpretator and showcatist of the mass brand brand gene.” Mr. Song Hongyi, deputy summary of SAIC Zhongnan Sales Service Center, explains the brand highlights.

New Tanguan

L [123

Recommended retail price:


As the first SUV of the top

, the Tiguan is born in 2010, and it has experienced 3 exchanges, more than 10 times. The accumulated sales of Tiguan have exceeded 2.4 million, strongly won the joint venture medium SUV tuned crown, the benchmark strength is always online. New Tiguan L is recognized and recognized by the industry and consumers with its young model design and intelligent technology.

The value is online, highlights both aesthetics andDynamic, sharp god SUV situation

Taking the number of personal trends online, highlighting the pioneer is also calm scientific and technological rhythm

With the wisdom of the era, highlighting the rigorous and accurate breakfare forward-looking posture .

Tigan replacement model for the top of SAIC,

with leading shape and technology, establish a leading smart medium SUV new The fashion, the new design language is reflected in the details of each place.

First, the new look l is a new one Among the appearance, the most striking is the new IQ. Light all LED matrix front headlights, both beautiful and intelligent, and the lamp strip design running through the headlights can accurately control each LED lamp, according to The speed and vehicle scene smart adjustment of the far-reaching light mode, is not fully full of technology!

Negative R-Line sports style High-gloss black trapezoidal gas grille, connected to two-sided-eye-criticized chrome trim strips,

with new Tanguan L through the light strip design, sports feel.

Tail riser stereo

LED taillights tailored to flow, and the dynamic effect is full of rhythm. Plus dreams of the new nacies blue color, with a personality, and there is also a new border color superchanging red and Perfang silver.

Under the interior highlight, we can know

interior molding cancellation The original two colors, the new design of two-color inlaid interior design of sports digital cockpit, with new

12-inch suspension mode, with intelligent voice, empty gesture, touch control, etc. Intelligent online real-time guideAir, vehicle settings, calling, etc., this is the overseas version, which is the characteristics of our SAIC.


10.3 inch full numbers LCD instrument, new R-Line exclusive leather multi-function heating steering wheel, mobile phone wireless charging equipment, electric tail, pioneer, full of 30-color LED environment atmosphere, integrate Harman Carton high-grade audio system, as if in the car can play light The audio-visual show allows the driver’s all-round immersed in the comfort experience brought about by the digital cockpit of the aesthetics and technology.

The appearance of the new Tanguan family is tightly followed by the trend ,

IQ is naturally unparalleled, in intelligence, comprehensive upgrade, human technology Bring the consumer.

It is worth mentioning TRA Vel Assist

full journey intelligent driving assistance system, equipped The system chip can reach the over

2.5 trillion computing power, and the massive information is accurately calculated between the 0-160km / h, and the Lane Assist lane can be accepted within 0-160km / h speed range. The maintenance system can prompt the vehicle to deviate from the lane and actively correct the direction, reduce the line risk. Let the owner driving the road more peace of mind.

Shangqi Volkswagen Zhongnan Region New Passat [123 ] amp; New Tiguan l Media Tasting will end successfully, New Passat and new way l Welcome to the challenge of the times, and the young people, actively confregnantly show the beauty of my beauty, show the inheritance classic and not breaking the innovation Spiritual concept. Whether it is New Passat or a new way L, it is a wisdom of wisdom. Our pursuit is the first choice for bringing B-class car customers and SUV users.At the same time, the Volkswagen will also meet the full imagination of the vehicle with all the imagination of the model with stronger product lineup and more complete product layout, continuing the legend of the public brand!

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