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Nissan Golden Autumn Driving Season, Happy Double Enjoy, Ni encounters Jinqiu!

Because of peace, but dare! Although the overall sales of the domestic auto market decreased under the influence of “referralizing” and other factors, with a strong body system, Dongfeng Nissan is increased, and sales of 95,8826 in August, which increased by 20.8 percentage. The accumulated sales in July, nearly 750,000, a year-on-year increase of 8.2 percent. Among them, the Nissan brand increased by 8.2% year-on-year, and the Qichen brand increased by 7.9% year-on-year.

Since last year, “Dare” is rejg, Dongfeng Nissan has completed new products, the new technology debut and the new launch of the double brand strategy, firmly takes every step. This year has been 2/3, Dongfeng Nissan will also bring any surprises to consumers? let us wait and see.

01 ignited the market with star products

The new generation of Qi Jun, which is unveiled in the indifference, and has won 9,228 sales in August, and Qi Jun has harvested 87,101 units from January to August this year. score. This SUV legendary symbol, now in the image of Super Qijun, the heat continues to rise, will continue in China’s 14th year, and consumers unlock the more vast world.

“Three Super Technology”, the flagship family of the flagship, the seventh generation of Tianzhu, with the benchmark strength, more than 15023 sales volume in August, the total sales volume increased year-on-year 41.5 percentage. More than comfortable, the seventh generation of Tianzhu is still telling more exciting stories.

The 14th generation of Xuan Yi played the strength of the Sunday global CMF platform’s first intermediate car, and the symphomy combination harvested 47,937 units in August, and the total sales volume increased year-on-year increase in July – August. 13.4 percentage.

The 2021 wealth of 5,126 sales in August, and the accumulated sales in January-August increased by 7.0% year-on-year. As a few fashionable hatchbacks in the market, the two-color vehicle body Trent not only has an eye-catching appearance, but also the intelligent inner heart of supergrace.

New hacker has harvested 13,349 sales in August, and the accumulated sales in January – August increased by 19.6 percentage. City SUV properties and EuropeThe type of charging gene, helping every player who has fun.

In August, the Qing Chen’s whole car department harvested sales of 5,808 units, a year-on-year increase of 13.7 percent. Qichang has increased by 7.6% year-on-year, and the Kai Chen D60 increased by 19.9 percentage, a year-on-year increase of 8.9%. At Kai Chen electric car increased by 11.3 percentage, a year-on-year increase of 289.7 percentage. V is full, Chen Xin up! Dongfeng Nissan Qichen sales continue to increase in August!

02 uses a sense of communication to ignite consumer enthusiasm

to see the crossover collision. On July 30, the new generation of Qijun banquet; August 14th, “this! It is the street dance “The fourth quarter is released. This is the collision between the youthful element: “Street Dance 4” continued the theme of the third quarter, fighting for love, this season show is based on the inheritance, and adds a core concept “Battle for Peace” Love and confrontation to interpret “This is a street dance”; the new generation of Qijun, bringing the full strength of the whole area, bringing the family people to explore the confidence and excitement on the Yuanfang Road, which can make you feel the stimulation and Experience novelty, you can make you and your family enjoy a good time on all the way.

The strength of the technology. From August 21, the new generation of Qijun succeeded in March, in May, conquer the sea channel in May, challenge the Tengri Desert in June, once again to the Qinghai-Tibet Plateau, open the peak. This time, the new Qijun will climb Himalaya, read the two mountains of Tang Guola, and the cards, more than 5,000 meters of mountain peaks, challenge 6,000 meters high altitude, accumulating more than 3,000 kilometers, once again verifying outstanding durability Sexual and multi-channel adaptability. What is the comprehensive power? This is a comprehensive powerful!

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