1.48 million buy 2.9T Paramera, received a Porsche, after home, send it to the cleaning aunt

The group faced by Porsche Palmera is a young man. It is different from BBA. It can be seen with BMW 8 Series. Mercedes-Benz GT50 AMG can see the gap. Maybe everyone’s mechanical literacy is very good. The appearance shape has not been said, but the workmanship is very different, so the price of Porsche Panamera is more expensive, and there is also the reason for the brand image, and the Porsche advocates a car, even if the price of the two cars is the same.

Porsche Panamera has no big changes since the listing, and the motion of sports attracts many young bosses. This sparkling panamera dragon is a female boss in Shandong spent 14.8 million yuan, and the owner has high configuration requirements, so the price of this car is high, however the car owners You can also accept this price because they have already done it in my heart when I buy this car.

This beautiful boss said: “I have considered Mercedes-Benz GT50 when I buy a car. I am still very I like Mercedes-Benz, but the price didn’t talk, and finally, I watched the Porsche Paramera, the price exceeded the budget but the interior is really luxurious, I also do business, so I know this, and finally bite biting. This Paramimarajobia also accepted the price. “

Branches Porsche Panamera’s inner air space It is also very spacious, it is positioned to locate large sports coupe, and the growth is not as good as BMW 7 Series or Mercedes-Benz S-Class, because it is similar to 8 Series, GT50 is almost; beautiful car owners said that there are other cars in the house, before it is Audi Q5, opened More than 6 years, I feel that the gap between Audi and Porsche is still quite big, not to say core technology but work and materials.

Porsche Center gives the beauty car owner a Porsche insulation cup and a bunch of flowers and dolls, backAfter the home, she gave the insulation cup to the community cleaning aunt. She said that there are many cups in the family. Although this cup has commemorative meaning but I can’t use it, and I also operate the high-end teacup, so I gave it to the cleaning Aunt, as the saying The gift from the rose, there is a fragrance, which may really have a need for her.

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The rear space for the Porsche Panamera is the back-discred space, the workmanship is very meticulous, the quality is very good, the back row can be used as an emergency seat, but as this Female boss’s business philatel is enough.

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