10.58 million -14.58 million yuan Qin Plusdm-i shocked listing

On March 8th, “Fuel Car Subvers” BYD Qin Plus DM-I was shocked, and four configurations were launched, and the price was 105,800-145,800. Its 3.8 liters of performance, 1245 kilometers long battery life, 7.3 seconds of three big subversive “benchmarking” will thoroughly change the user’s awareness of the compact sedan.

The price subverts the mainstream interval of the fuel car

This time, the pricing of Qin Plus DM-I completely subverts the user’s intersection Price cognition of mixed models. In the past, the insertion model and the same fuel car have a large difference, and the two markets are relatively independent. And this time, Qin Plus DM-I is directly in the mainstream price range of fuel sedan, and the market boundary is not complex. Plus the five major gifts launched in synchronous, BYD can be satisfied with sincerity.

Technology subverts the novel car new benchmark

Compared with the same grade fuel model, Qin PLUS DM-I has a “promotion” advantage in technology, which is equipped with BYD DM-I super mixing system, 云-插 专用 1.5L high-efficiency engine, EHS electric mixing system and DM-I super mixed special purpose The blade battery is the core, creating a mixed technology-based hybrid technology, bringing the user’s new driving experience.

Super province!

Even in the state of loss, Qin Plus DM-I hundred kilometers fuel consumption can be as low as 3.8L, only half of the same level of fuel sedan, 2 hairy per kilometer. Ultra long!

Qin PLUS DM-I oil can be electrically powered, in the full oil, 55km version of the integrated battery life can reach 1180 kilometers, 120km version is more than 1245 kilometers. In the recent Qin Plus DM-I “A box of oil, cross the five provinces” challenge, the best results of the media teacher who participated in the event were: 100 kilometers average fuel consumption of 3.14 liters, strength testimony.

Super fast! With high power motor advantages, Qin Plus DM-I zero acceleration reached 7.3 seconds, the same The graded fuel car is 2-3 seconds, and the power is comparable to the 2.0T horsepower. Not only fast, and stable, Qin Plus DM-I driving control is infinitely close to the pure electric car, the power output is smooth, quiet, very suitable for home travel.

Yan-value burst “black technology” blessing

In addition to the technical advantages of super mix, Qin Plus DM-I is designed in model , Intelligent technology, safety protection, etc. is also very excellent.

The design of Qin Plus DM-I is followed by the essence of the Dragon Face family-cultural language, and the extraction of the extraction of the extraction of the extraction. The hugs of the widen-wide suspension category creates an open sense experience and highlights the quality of light luxury, enough to meet the aesthetic needs of color. DILINK 3.0 Intelligent Net System, Cloud Service, Remote Drive, Mobile NFC Car Key, Car OTA Remote Upgrade, Mobile Power Station, etc. More than BYD, Create a more understanding of the user’s digital space, give more fun.


“Blade Battery” escort will be safe to the end

Qin Plus DM-i is equipped with DM-I super mixed special blade battery, using global The first pulse is from heating and the world leading to cold-cooling technology, achieving long life and reliable security double protection, and has lifted a big worries for new energy users. Plus ACC-SAMP; g stopped full speed adaptive cruise system, CSC curve speed control system, LKS active lane holding system, LDWS lane deviation warrantMore than 20 intelligent driving assistance functions such as AEB-CCR automatic emergency brake system, all-round guardianship safety.

Subverting the price of cognition, plus fuel consumption, continuous long, power foot, high value high, Qin Plus DM-I gate The door is excellent, almost solved all the user’s pain points. This time, “The fuel sedan is subversive”, it is really coming! As the general manager of the sales division of the sales division of the sales division of the Dynasty, the Qin Dynasty has brought an unprecedented fission for the Chinese society; in 2021, Qin Plus DM-I will also open a new travel era. ” 123]

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