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As the world’s automotive industry One of the most developed countries, German cars have extensive recognition and sales worldwide. Especially in the Chinese market, the German truck has the influence of far superior car system. This will not help but be curious, can occupy the German truck in the Chinese market, can it also receive consumers in Germany? What special to buy a car is prejudice with other countries? Today, we have explored the 10 cars in Germany’s local sales in 2020!

2020, Germany The 10th model of sales is mini, saved 44,200 units throughout the year. MINI’s hot sale also directly demonstrating the preference of the Germans on the car, and the performance of this car must also be online, after all, Germany’s highway is very developed. In this case, the model is rich, the MINI car system of the power assembly is a very good choice. In terms of price, the tax price of the three-door MINI COOPER S equipped with 178 horsepower 2.0T engine is 26,800 euros, about RMB 208,100, which is cheaper than 100,000 yuan than the MINI COOPER S sold in China.

Since the BMW is MINI is all on the list, then how can the blood of the German A0 cars POLO may be absent? Last year, POLO sold 46,200 units in Germany, ranking 9th place in the sales list. This grade is basically the same in sales of 45,000 in China last year, but because the body of China’s car is much greater than Germany, POLO is sold in China last year.In the quantity ranking, only 112.

POLO This car believes that everyone is very familiar, it is based on the mass MQB platform, which provides an extremely rich power option in the German market. Including 1.0L three cylinders natural inhalation, 1.0T three cylinders, 1.5T four-cylinder, 1.6T diesel and high-performance 2.0T Polo GTI GTI models, and even version of the natural gas engine! In terms of price, the POLO-containing price of 80 horsepower 1.0L natural intake engines originated from 15730 euros, with approximately RMB 122,100. POLO GTI, which is equipped with 207 horsepower 2.0T engines, with tax-containing prices of 27220, about RMB 211,300. In these two price ranges, POLO car systems have extremely rich power, configuration specifications.

This generation BMW 3 Series Since the release of listing in 2018, I have achieved unprecedented success in Germany and the Chinese market. Last year, BMW 3 was sold 47,300, ranking # 8 of Germany, and also the highest luxury sedan in Germany. The most attractive place in this generation of 3 series is the leap of the color level, the shape design is very dynamic, and the interior has a quality improvement compared to the upper generation F30.

The 3 Series of the German market offer extremely rich power and models, including 2.0T gasoline low, medium and high power (318i, 320i) , 330i), 2.0T gasoline plugging over (320E, 330E), 3.0T gasoline (M340i), 2.0T diesel (316d, 318D, 320D), 3.0T single turbine charge diesel (330D) and 3.0T double turbine The supercharged diesel (M340D) and also have sedan and travel editions.

Price aspectWe use the 320D travel version of the European market as an example. It is priced at 48,200 euros and is about 374,200 yuan. The 330i of the sedan 330i with the same specifications as the domestic market, the tax package price is 46,350 euros, about 3.598 million yuan, and the price difference between 379,900 with domestic 330i is not big. Through the hot sale in Germany, we can also see that the people of the world have begun to seek comfort, and the luxurious 3 Series is the purchase.

as a small size SUV, T-ROC (Domestic said exploration song) is also very popular in the German market. It sold 50,800 vehicles last year, ranking 7th place. It is worth mentioning that the performance of the German market is the sparkling version, and the domestic probe of the domestic sales is the long-axial version of the 77mm wheelbase, which is used to meet the demand for domestic consumers for the rear space.

Although it is born in the MQB platform, the shape of the exploration song is still very personal, and there is no very strong massive case. In addition, the driving experience of the exploration is also very good, and it is also an upper level in small SUVs in the same level. In terms of power, Germany has 110 horsepower 1.0T three-cylinder gasoline, 150 horsepower 1.5T gasoline, 115 hp 2.0T diesel, 150 horsepower 2.0T diesel engine optional, and there is also a 300 hp 2.0T gasoline engine High performance exploration song R model.

The price of 1.0TSI probe is priced at 22,200 euros, with approximately RMB 17.23 million. And 1.5TSI + 7-speed DSG of Domestic Power Specifications, the forefront of the German version of the German version, the tax package price is 29650 euros, about 230,000 yuan, and the promotion of domestic sales is 1.4T top with four The driving model, the guide price is only 2049 million yuan, still much cheap than Germany!If it is a price of 230,000, it can be a higher level in China!

2020 Germany market sales The sixth model is a small car Corsa from Opel, a total of 53,200, which is the highest in all A0-class models. For this car, everyone may be more unfamiliar, today I just take this opportunity to simply talk.

Opel Insignia Travel Edition

Opel brand history can be described as a long time, 1862 Opel founder Adam Middot; Opel has set up Opea in Germany, At first, the sewing machine was produced, and it was later produced by production of bicycles until the official production of cars was started until 1899. In 1929, Opel is officially listed. In 1931 after 2 years, US General Motors acquired Opeau Automotive in order to fight the European market. At this point, Opel has also become a subsidiary of General Motors. Because of this, Opel’s models have been changing the shell Chevrolet in the past few decades. For example, the Buick Regal we are familiar with, in Europe, in Europe, the name of Opel Insignia.

Time came to March 2017, the universal universal automotive sold Opea to French PSA with 2.2 billion euros. Opel is also Officially became a subsidiary of PSA. Therefore, in 2017, the new model launched in Europe will use PSA technology. And the Opel Corsa mentioned today is the changing product launched by Opel on the basis of Pengo 208.

Ou Bao Corsa positioning A0-class hatchback, the bus length is only 4060mm, the shaft distance is 2538mm, and the mass POLO, the Peugeot 208 is relatively close. In terms of power, Opel Corsa is equipped with 1.2L three-cylinder natural inhalation from PSA, 1.2T three cylinders and 1.5T four cylinder diesel engine.

In terms of price of 1.2L natural intake engine version, the tax is priced at 14415 euros, about 1119 million yuan, ratio The 1.0L naturally inhaled Volkswagen POLO mentioned in the foregoing is inexpensive. In the case of a small advantage of the power, the price of Opel Corsa is cheaper than polo, and the Hundred Years of Opel is also a bit of feelings in the Germans, and the final sales will not be too bad.

if the Ou Bao is flowing The German car of French blood, then Skoda Octavia is a Czech car who flows pure German blood. Because there is a pure popular blood, Skoda Octavia sold 53,300 vehicles in 2020 and got the 5th place in German car sales.

Current Germany Skoda Octavia is a new generation of models released by the end of 2019, which is officially delivered in June 2020. The new model is short, but the shape design is very dynamic. The interior has a great progress compared to other Skoda models. Plus the new generation of popular Jetta (domestic Sagitar) did not sell in Germany, so Skoda Octavia became Germany Consumers choose the replacement of compact sedan cars and waves.

German version of Mingrui provides extremely rich power choices, including 1.0TSI three cylinders (110 horsepower), 1.5TSI four cylinders (150 horsepower) 2.0TSI Octavia RS (245 hp) and 2.0TDI diesel engine with different power. And there is also a power assembly such as CNG natural gas and plugging mixing. In terms of price, the three-happiness backplane is in Germany’s tax-covered price of 21990 euros, about RMB 170,700. Travel Edition Octavious starting price is 22970 euros, bondedRMB 178,300. Have to say, Mingrui is really inconvenient in Germany!

as a 2020 German car The only non-European brand model is sold in the sales list, and Fox sells 53,400 vehicles in Germany last year, with 100 superiority, Sodda Mingrui won the 4th venue of the car sales. Maybe there may be curious, why can a “US car” sell so well in Germany?

In fact, the Fox, in addition to the brand, in fact, the body flows, is a pure German blood. Fox not only started from the first generation of models, which was also developed in the German R & D base, but also in the European market, and this truck is also directly produced in Germany, which is directly competed with other European manufacturers. Therefore, Fox is actually a German car hanging on the US car.

Fox, sales in Germany, mainly including hatchback, sedan, travel version of these three body forms. The power is 1.0T, 1.5T, 1.5L self-suction of the three three-cylinder gasoline engines and 1.5T, 2.0T four-cylinder diesel engine. In addition, the current Fox has a high-performance ST model in Germany, equipped with a 280 horsepower 2.3T engine that matches the ST model-specific 6MT or 7AT gearbox.

As in terms of price, the 1.0T hatchback version of Fox in Germany has a price of 21,299 euros, an approximately RMB 164,600. The starting price of the 1.0T travel version of Fox is 22,400 euros, with approximately RMB 17.39 million. From prices, it is obviously a domestic Fox, and 1.5T hatchback models are priced by only 1.368 million yuan. Seeing the excellent motorcycles of Fox in Germany, it is really a sales volume in Germany.The thing is gratifying!

comes to the list The top 3, first of all, the public is the Volkswagen, sold 60,400 vehicles in Germany last year, ranking third place. Volkswagen Tiguan This car believes that everyone is very familiar, not only selling well in Germany, but also like a car in China, the old agend, the old agend, even the increase in price!

To note, the Tiguan of Germany has just completed the medium-term change in the last year, the shape of the new model is more young, interior details There are also some changes, replace the latest steering wheel with golf 8 with paragraph. In addition, the German market also provides standard wheelbase and long-axis version of the Tiguan model. The long-axis version is “Tiguan ALLSPACE”, and the wheelbase gap is extended by 110mm, which is the same as China’s domestically produced Tiguan L.

In terms of power, the public provides 1.5TSI (130, 150 horsepower), 2.0TSI (190, 245 hp) gasoline for the Tiguan of the German market. Engine, and 2.0T diesel engine (122, 150, 200 hp) of different powers, also have the same 1.4T PHEV models in China, and there are still many rooms. In addition, Germany also has high performance Tiguan R model, equipped with a 320 hp, 420 nmiddot; 2. 2.02 engine, 0-100km / h accelerated within 5 seconds.

Tiguan R

The price of 1.5TSI bobbin is at the starting price of 29,310 euros, with approximately RMB 227,500. The starting price of 1.5TSI long-axis Tiguan is 35530 euros, about RMB 275,800, the price is much more expensive than 215,800, and it is already worth 215,800 in China. 2.0T launchMachine! See this actually feeling very conscience?

Passat, Germany Market Sales In fact, our domestic FAW-Magotan. In order to facilitate the distinction between China’s version of Passat, we will call it “German version of Magotan” next. This German version of Magotan sold 60,900 vehicles last year. However, it should be noted that the main sales of the German market Volkswagen Passat is a travel version of the model. It is because of this, the previous time the public announces that the next generation of Passat will not put a sedan version of the model in the European market.

The dynamic parameters of Germany Magotan are basically consistent with the road mentioned above, and they are all commonly used in the engine and DSG gearbox. In terms of price, the sedan version of 150 horsepower 1.5TSI engines is equipped with a starting price of 31040 euros, with approximately RMB 240,900. The travel version of the 1.5TSI engine is equally equipped, and the price is reached between 32145 euros, with approximately RMB 249,500. From the price, the German market is already expensive, and the configuration has no advantage over the domestic Magotan.

There is no doubt, 2020 The German car sales champion once again be taken away by the Volkswagen Golf, sold 13.63 million vehicles throughout the year, double more than the 2nd PASSAT! And this is already the golf in the 45th year of the top sales, such a strong rebellion, whether the US F-150 or Chinese Haval H6 is getting down the wind! However, due to the German population only more than 80 million, the car market is small, so even if golf won the first, it can win 500,000 Chinese car market championships, and sell 780,000 USA Car market champion F-series Picard, GallThe sales of the husband cannot be comparable.

Saying back to golf, as one of the most long-term hatchbacks, golf is not only popular in Germany, but also have countless rins around the world There are even many Chinese car fans to put golf as faith. Because of this, the golf has been replaced by the latest technology and philosophy at the time.

For example, the latest 8th generation golf, the first use of the MQB EVO electrification platform, combined with hardware and software, realizing computer control The function of the whole vehicle is in advance for the new energy transformation of the next generation model. In addition, the double-clad interior, electronic gear, OTA upgrade of golf 8 is also the latest technology in the field of fuel trains. But more unfortunately, this electrification function is not practical in the domestic market, and OTA features are also unavailable.

In terms of power, it is different from the domestic 1.4T EA211 engine that has been used in China. German version of Golf 8 is equipped with the latest 1.5 TSI EA211 EVO engine, there is a set of 48V light mixing systems with the version of the DSG gearbox. The high-performance GTI models have used the latest 2.0T EA888 EVO4 engine in Volkswagen, which is enough to see how much the public has attached importance to golf. The strong historical heritage, plus 8-generation models in design, technical comprehensive upgrades, and wants to be difficult to sell in Germany.

Price aspects, 90 horsepower 1.0TSI three-cylinder engine, and 5-speed manual transmission 版 版 版 版 80700 Euro John for RMB 160,700. The slight mainstream is equipped with a version of 150 horsepower 1.5TSI engines and 7-speed DSG gearbox, then sells to 30,910 euros, about RMB 239,900, which is already a very exaggerated price!

R-line appearance version

If the shape is more motion, it has a progressive steering system, a sports suspension, and the R-Line model of 150 horsepower 1.5TSI engines, the price is even more Amazing 32345 euro, about RMB 251,000! It can be seen that the price of golf 8 in the German market is still very expensive, and also shows that the positioning of the golf boutique trolley has never changed. At the same time, such a high price can also ask the championship, it is also enough to prove that golf is definitely true for the German people.

one inventory is not It is difficult to find that in the top 10 models in Germany, almost all the German cars, Mini, Ming Rui and Fox although it is a foreign brand, it is essentially of German blood. This will not help but be very curious, why is the German buy a German car?

First, a very important reason is that the automotive industry in Germany has been very developed, and the world is also topping. Because of this, the Germans are also very proud of their own automotive industrial levels. Consumers do not have reason to give up German cars when they buy cars, and choose all aspects of technology is not as good as other country models.

Further, any of the market sales ranked prior rings must be very in line with the local car demand. Germany as European countries, the land area is only 357,582 km⊃2; only China’s 3.7 percentage is left. The population density of Germany reached 237.4 people / square kilometers, 60% higher than China, is 6.67 times the density of American population! For this reason, small-size models are like a fish in Europe, which is highly density, urban intensive, narrow street narrow Europe.

At this time, there will be classmates curious, and the day car is also a small and flexible, is it not suitable for Germany? Indeed, the Japanese car is also quite well in small size, high practicality, but don’t forget, Germany has the world’s extremely rare expressway, so they don’t only have a small and flexible, but also on high-speed Ability is superior, and this is precisely the core difference between the German car and the Japanese car.

The German truck should consider the high-speed use of Germany in the development stage. After all, in Germany’s unlimited speed, speed ran to 200km / Hs The above is a thing of the house. Therefore, the vehicle will take care of the power, high speed stability and aerodynamics. The Japanese cars in the early years did not consider the use of Germany during the R & D stage, so there will be a phenomenon that the Japanese car runs high-speed in the early years. Although the newly developed Japanese cars in recent years have a great progress in high-speed cruise stability, the word-night is not twisted in minutes.

The Germans have added additional to the trolley in addition to the trolley. Like the top 10 of the top 10 of the sales, Fox, Octavia, Passat, and golf have their own corresponding travel vehicles. The reason why the German like the travel car has to mention the unique geographical environment in Europe. Due to the natural scenery of Europe, tourist attractions are very close to the city, and there is almost free round-trip between European countries. In this large environment, they have gave birth to extremely developed self-driving life.

Simply, you have a travel car, you can drive yourself from Germany at a weekend time. Munich is playing a circle for Venice, Italy, which is a few hundred kilometers away. In this high-frequency use scenario, this size is similar to the ordinary sedan, and it can meet daily driving comfort, high-speed cruise ability, and the practical travel car naturally become a darling of the market. Here is a data, the previous generation of BMW 3 Series sales in the German market, travelThe version accounted for 58% of the total sales volume of 3 Series. In fact, it is not only a 3 series, and it is also true that it is also the same.

Therefore, the Germans love to buy a German cars can generally summarize that the German truck itself has the world’s top technical strength, and it is very compliant. The local use car demand, consumers don’t have to choose foreign cars. The same reason, if we started the table tennis between Chinese young people, we also have no reason to buy foreign table tennis photos.

from the German auto market It is not difficult to say that when a country’s automobile industry is sufficiently developed, it is easy to show the “deductive” of a single nationality, and Germany, Japan is also the same. Because there is no brand to know the needs of the Chinese people than the local brand, if the local brand is strong enough, the national will not have any need to buy other foreign cars.

From this point of view, although the Chinese car market is quite, it is also a certain degree of automobile brand still exists with the mainstream of the world. gap. You must know that in 2020, China’s sales model, only Haval H6, Wuling Hongguang, Changan CS75, these three independent brand models, and they are also driving high cost-effective routes.

China’s automotive industry is a long way, and we don’t fall in the new energy era, and even hope to catch the world’s first-class level. So we also have reason to believe that if China’s car market will also have a grand basis of the self-owned brands! Let us look forward to the arrival of the day!

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