100 000 benchmark MPV, Guangzhou Automobile Chi Chuan GM6 allow owners have applauded!

[Chi Chuan certified the first batch manufacturers 4S shop: Shunde, Guangzhou Automobile Chi Chuan Friends of 4S shop. ] Explosion models down from 10,000, courtesy replacement of up to 8,000 yuan.

★ new second-generation Chi Chuan Huan GS4 new listings from 89,800 yuan, car Get 7 major gift: 5 years or 150,000 km long warranty; 5000 yuan replacement subsidies; lifelong free flow; 100,000 Element 3 years 0 interest; 5 years of free roadside assistance; 0 down payment; providing services free scooter.

★ new generation Trumpchi GA6: low price from 108,800, enjoy ten thousand yuan down payment of 10,000 yuan discount 5,000 yuan replacement subsidy

★ Chi Chuan GS5: 1 down to play, 2 years 0 interest car to enjoy preferential straight down 8,000 yuan.

★ Chi Chuan GM6: low down payment $ 10,000 car to enjoy 2 years 0 interest rates, preferential straight down 4,000 yuan.

★ Chi Chuan GM8: 19.28-21.98 ten thousand yuan sale Trumpchi GM8 2020 models on the market, up 8000 yuan Huan enjoy the new subsidies.

★ Chi Chuan GS8: maximum up to 18 interest-free policy, preferential straight down 5,000 yuan, huge amounts of subsidy of 5,000 yuan.

★ Chi Chuan GA4: low down payment of 6,000 yuan, interest-free car to enjoy preferential straight down 10,000 yuan.

★ Chi Chuan GS3: down payment of just 10,000, car sharing 2 years 0 interest rates, preferential straight down 10,000 yuan.

★ Chi Chuan GA8: low down payment for ultra-low days, waiting for you to purchase.

★ preferred country six good car more environmentally friendly, more comfortable, more preservation.

[old customer referrals car donated 500 Thanksgiving card] Friends of oil shop, car train services on the card, season priority choose a car / cars with / on the card, super multi Liang waiting for you to choose! For more information please call: 0757-29291988.

Address: Shunde Chencun Town, South Bay neighborhood rue around 105 National Road side, 88 of 18 (Guangzhou Automobile Chi Chuan Friends of the shop)

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