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100 kilometers 40-liter oil a month 5000 fuel fee, BMW M5 an oil truck is open to endless anxiety

In this era, I want to have a

power 澎 又 enough to low-key

, during the day, can carry a happy travel together, when the night is quiet A person who can release the pressure in one person, then BMW M5 will be a very good choice.

Take a look at M5 shuttle on the street I like it, maybe you have not perceived this 5 series,

actually has 600 horsepower , until the owner footed, you react it, what is the M5?

Instructed, Xiao Zhang classmates ended with M5, but also from 2019.

“When I played in Japan, sat on the M5

, I didn’t like the performance or comfort, I like it,

came back After launching the car

. “

“After the new car arrived, I always think that M5’s sound is too small, so I will have the idea of ​​changing the car.

The drug has been fixed in the tail section of Armytrix

, China M5 I still first manual

After the tail section of Armytrix, the owner is not fully met, then come back JBOM 100 molybdenum head section

Let’s make the sounds more fierce.

“” “The first segment of the header, because the head segment is first loaded,

adjusts the flower before and after 8 hours

. However, when JBOM 100 molybdenum head section + Armytrix is ​​all in all,

The foot sound is really a chicken child , it is unforgettable for a lifetime. “

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“When you start modifying, you always want to float, or even the sleepled food to find a variety of programs on YouTube. Finally,

I feel that the low-key is a little better, pursue inner beauty

, so I won’t do anything. “

The only change in the appearance is the 863M hub

of m Performance . A large number of hollow design, or the original forging, regardless of reliability or color value. However, the owner has in considering the new HRE wheel , who don’t want to do shoes every day?

pursue inner beauty, so open the machine In addition to the conspicuous BMW M Power, there is also Evenrturi carbon fiber intake

. The owner

additionally ordered the CSF cooler

, currently on the road, is the more stable power performance.

The performance and sound waves can meet the cost of demand, that is, the pocket is hollowed out. Small classmates even said that it can add two halogen eggs before eating a pig,

can only eat halogen now, and you can’t eat



The cause of this result, more than playing modification, daily overhead is even more amazing, mainly 4.4 liters of double turbine V8 too much to drink oil, [ 123] The city is 40 liters of oil , the oil car is open,

a piece of oil card is cleaned for 5000 pieces in a month.


“The original M5 is selected, there is a reason Is it low-key, plus me does not change the appearance, so walking on the road, everyone really didn’t think this is a platform M5,

is the 5 Series

. “

Although it is often used by the passers-by, but the small classmates still insist My own inner beauty modification ideas, the next step is

waiting for KW V4 shock to the goods

, Continue to make a low-key drinking oil monster


Owner / small classmate [ 123]


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