100,000 can also buy a trolley, Toyota, Tesla or join hands?

Tesla incident continued to ferment

The problem is Tesla

, it is not doubt [123 ]

Frequent accidents really trigger consumers


There were previous foreign media reported

Tesla in China’s car order


From 11 months

in May

Order quantity ” Waist “

in May

did not have a sharp decline

seems to recall, rights and other incidents

There is no threat to Tesla’s market performance

a week new car / car heard

The TX super version of the Star TX can be seen as a medium-term change, and three models have been launched, the price range is 12.99-14.99 million yuan. Compared with the classic version of the sale, the TX super version of the TX is not too big, the direct white point is similar to the thinking of the LX Versailles version, the previous chrome-plated strip portion does not affect the visual effect. It is deviated to black. It is true that since the first product star TX is listed, the Star has been fighting for 3 years in the high-end market, but it is more than one star halfway in the development rhythm of the star compared to the WEY and the packet next door.

last week, Shangqi Datong The official announced that the new SAIC Tats Maxus G10 is officially launched, and the new car has launched a 5 model, and there are 7 and 9 version optional, the price range is 14.58-166,800 yuan. As the annual change model, the new car model has not been adjusted, and the design of the current model is still maintained. In addition, the new car will continue to carry 2.0T turbocharged engine, maximum power 165KW, peak torque 350n • m, but the transmission system is upgraded to the EF 8AT gearbox, the efficiency is higher, the acceleration is more smooth, and also brings Better fuel economy.

New Zeze Izoa as Mid-term change models, the biggest change is the first to join Toyota’s mixing system, which will have more excellent fuel consumption. In addition, as a medium-term change model, the new car has also made a significant change in the design, and the most obvious is to add a double spell color color of the light silver and black roof, and also use a new style of 17 “smoked. Black aluminum alloy wheels, overall shapes are more fluidized and trend. The listing of new Zeze Izoa will further expand the camp of FAW Toyota Square Family, and also provide a more rich model selection for consumers.

Last week, Guangzhou Automobile Toyota is officially launched, new car co-count 2 configuration models were launched, and the prices were 14.88-1588 million. The new car is the first A +-level car under Toyota, which is located between Rayling and Camry. It has a wide-range car space, and the wheelbase parameters exceed the Volkswagence Sagitar, Honda Lingpai and other similar products. Although Ling Shang’s listing makes up for the vacancy of GAC Toyota in the A +-level sedan market, there are netizens say that the price threshold for 148,800 yuan is high. If the new car can provide a certain terminal discount, I believe that competitiveness will be stronger.

for domestic consumers Said that the wagon has never been greatly welcomed, but Baojun Valli has also brought a good choice for domestic consumers. Last week, Wuling Baojun Valli was officially listed, and the new car launched four models, priced at 7.98-10.58 million. Although in the case of sedan, SUV competition is continuously upgraded, the travel car is undoubtedly a “emerging market”, but in fact, domestic travel car culture is awakening is irreversible, I hope to see more like Valli in the future. The traveling car who is affordable from ordinary consumers.

According to relevant media reports, in BYD high-level communication meeting, BYD car Li Yunfei, Ministry of Brand and Public Relations, said that the high-end models that BYD are built will be officially released in the fourth quarter of this year, and the price range is expected to be 50-800,000 yuan. This car will plan under a new brand in BYD, the brand is “independent brand, independent team, independent sales network.” In other words, the new brand may be posted on the new car standard, and the model is expected to be unveiled in 2022 and listed in 2023..

A few days ago, South Korea media reported that Tesla and Toyota Cere were considering joint development of small SUV platforms, both parties Last year, the partnership assessment has now entered the final stage. It is reported that if cooperation is reached, Tesla will be able to use Toyota platform, low-cost launch of compact SUV electric vehicles, while Tesla provides some electronic control platforms and software technology installed in its vehicles. In addition, according to an official in the Japanese Automobile Industry, since last year, Toyota and Tesla have been reviewing cooperative relationships and is currently close to the final stage.

There is a media report that Chongqing Changan Automobile Co., Ltd. and Huawei, Ningde Times join hands to build high-end new energy brands (AB brand) will appear in this month. Tan Benhong, Vice President, Changan Automobile, said Changan New Energy and AB Automotive is two independent operations, with different product brands and product districts, providing products and services for different segment market customers. Among them, Changan New Energy is a new energy carrier of Changan Automobile Brands. The AB brand is a high-end intelligent electric car brand that aggregates Changan Automobile, Huawei and Ningde Times.

June 7, Dongfeng Citroen Versailles C5X mass production version is officially launched in the Shenlong Motor Chengdu Factory. According to previous reports, the Citroen Versailles officially released on April 12, and the new car is based on the CXPerience concept car. It is a new medium-sized cross-border car under the Citroilong brand. It is officially unveiled in Shanghai Auto Show, and planned to be officially available in September. . It is worth mentioning that this new car will produce and supply the global market in China.

According to the latest data of AutoForecast Solutions, due to the continuous impact of the shortage of chip, the number of car accumulated ceilings has reached29.9 million. At the same time, AutoForecast Solutions also predicts that chip problems will continue to ferment, which may eventually result in a global car to have reached 40.9 million. In order to deal with the shortage of chip, governments and car companies have also begun to strategies. It is understood that the US government announced that the US government will invest 52 billion US dollars to boost chip industry; Tesla or will acquire chip factory; Samsung and Modern cooperation teamed up with the problem of chip shortage; China FAW sets a chip joint laboratory; TSMO investment $ 2.8 billion increase Chip production capacity.

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