“100,000-level national racket” is coming, the prospect of Baojun Valli needs worry?

Consumers prefer SUV, then travel cars still in China?

Of course!

On the one hand, the domestic consumers, especially young people, love cars, love driving, enjoy the more and more users, even if they consider family and practicality, do not want to compromise For this part of this user, the car is not just a summary tool.

Then, the ordinary car can meet the road trip, but also not delay daily car, the travel car is one of them, and it is very good. which type. Because traveling is not all of life, give up everything, let’s go, the departure, it is the artistic traine, not a real life, life is not a novel, the fire of the huppies, to set off in the Chinese market Potential, you must wait for the ram products that are suitable for the public taste.

Now, this product has already appeared ….

It is Baojun Valli (direction).

Why, Baojun Valli is “the best to make a trolley for China”?

Remembers that there have been such comments from the industry, “” “” “” “” “” “” “” “” “” “” “” “” “” “” “” “” “” “” “” “” “” “” “” ” This is proven to be. Therefore, don’t think that the market is too cold, too narrow, thinking that the prospects are dim. In fact, it is actually the opposite. A typical example is before Wuling MINI EV, almost everyone does not optimize the miniature pure electric vehicle market, but the result, everyone has seen it. Therefore, behind the cold door may also mean the huge growth space. So when we saw the listing of Baojun Valli, the car launched a Mogan Valley MT elite, Yili Ranch CVT luxury, Dali Sky CVT exclusive, That Square CVT flagship four models, The listing price is 79,800 yuan, 92,800 yuan, 99,800 yuan, 10.58 million yuan, which makes people see the future development of the wagon or good space.

More importantly, with the conventional trucks, Baojun Valli is not only simply introducing the concept of travel, but through Baojun Valli to interpret a new “5+ 2 Duplex Life Space, and through all the means of “not going to work”, we will open up “toward 5 + 2” multi-wonderful life. The current China’s car market is unlimited market opportunities, especially people who are more eager to freedom, long-distance, and refused to follow the old young ethnic groups than those of the past, so Baojun Valli fused in design. Cultural, intelligent, scientific, comfort, practicality, etc., and through external painting, space modification, personalization, fun marketing, etc., let more young people’s huppies dreams into reality. These aspects involve a wide range, and online interpretation is also more detailed, and we are only slightly explained today.

For users who like to travel, it is not only fascinated by this kind of feelings, but also the practicality of “big ass”, but also the shape of the ram. It is the beginning of love. It is the so-called: “Appreciate a car, starting with the value, respecting the talented, in the character …” Although there is no 人 大, the long body and the Dun’s ass, the same Cool, the same sexy.

Baojun Valli is a model of classic tradema, and the design technique is quite retro taste in the 1990s, and the body color is naming in Suhangqing, Xuexiang White, Yuyuan Huang, Bohai Blue, Ancient City as a name, The car name is named in the Mogan Valley, Yili Ranch, Dali Sky, and the stars are named, all combined with the name of domestic special tourist destination, where the taste is very strong.

Baojun Valli also proposed the concept of “duplex largeline”, and the in-vehicle emissions in the car becomes large, the internal size length is 1800/1200 / 750mm, respectively. , Volume 1620L, with a five-star hotel 0 pressing mattress, spacious space can be casual; the roof can be loaded with 500L oversized baggage, bicycle and other equipment, and even off-road style tires and hubs to meet various “go” Wild heart. “Car inner flat” + “roof leveling”, forming the only “complex” in the industryLarge layers, redefine China’s restroom, to meet the needs of users of all kinds of outdoor scenarios, and also bring various possibilities for household members.

[123 The smart car network is already a new car must-have function. The only dual-switched system of the Baojun Valli can use the car machine and mobile phone integrated dual-switched network system – Baojun bus network 2.0 system, a variety of functional height integration: Remote Control, mobile phone is a car; speech control, get on the bus, driving habits, new cars such as old friends; also have car intercom, OTA upgrade, wireless destination, APP ecology application development, etc., let users get rid of “tradition “Smart car flow and application ecology limit, the convenience of the truly car network.

In order to make travel safer, easier, Baojun Valli is also equipped with industry Leading multi-scene intelligent driving system, 17 all-round automatic driving assistance, 6 kinds of leading technology, with a car has a method, the direction is confident, there is a confidence, the danger is a helper, the violation has a reminder, the light is fully automatic, let the user It is more secure. In particular, the ACC full-speed domain adaptive cruise, BCA curve cruise assist, LKA lane maintain assist, etc. Let each travel are more worry-free. There is also a strong body of high-strength steel and advanced technology, 4 airbags 360-degree full image, and SDW security distance alarm, FCW anti-collision warning, IHBA adaptive brake assist, AEB automatic emergency brake, CMS collision mitigation five-head active safety protection, in addition to let Baojun Valli is worry-free, this Specifications, this is a 100,000-level car?

Dynamic, the main 1.5T + CVT combination, the engine maximum power 108KW, peak torque 250 nmIDDOT; M, 100 kilometers fuel consumption 6.8L, is the power assembly of dynamic, smoothness and fuel economy. The chassis is more practical, more stringent, adjusted more than 10,000 kilometers; for different users, different seats Driving and ride, after more than 100 groups of program evaluation, more than 50 car road conditions verified, comprehensively adapt to multi-scene taxi demand. There is also a 17-inch aluminum wheel / refining wheel, which is stronger;The maximum clutch gap is 175mm, no additional SUV in the city, with considerable versatility.

It is worth mentioning that Baojun Valli not only has double-layer mute glass to isolate external noise, but also its “sandwich” form of front, but also reduces engine noise And vibration, plus low wind noise design, front windshield sealant strip, rear view mirror structure optimization, etc., Baojun Valli is very good at high speed, although I don’t dare to say the luxury car level, but it is indeed Point, and this extent avoids the irritation of long-distance driving by noise, and it is not necessary to worry that it will be broken.

In addition to the above, Baojun Valli is also unusual road in marketing, not simply for promoting product selling points, but through Shanghai “55 Shopping Festival” “24 Cheng Yuan Memory”, “Long Road Book”, “Explore the Tour of the South China Secret”, etc., as well as the joint mango TV cross-border variety circle, and Yang Di, Liu Wei to create an immersive micro variety, through the star “48 hours yearning “Innovative Variety”, showing Baojun Valli “Duplex” big flat charm, showing “toward 5 + 2” life is beautiful. In addition, on June 10th, Baojun Valli listed on the same day, “Valli (towards) beach wonderful night”, the variety star Yang Di, Liu Wei live platform, Chinese tile tribe member, the scene experience of the owners, once again “star The identity experience of the experience is hardcover “double” unique charm. Through this actual experience, it is better to give Baojun Valli, which can bring true feelings and trusts to consumers.

Baojun Valli This wave of huppies is scraped, can you continue in the future?

It is certain that the Hui culture wave of Baojun Valli “in the heart, landing is life” has been scraped, this is a major breakthrough in China’s Hurvless industry. thing. Since the order of opening on March 24, Baojun Valli accumulated orders have exceeded 10,000 units, and the sales volume exceeded 100 units. This is a market for travel. This is the result of “before the ancient people”.Farewrities use the facts that Baojun Valli is a veritable “best-suited to China”! And it is worth mentioning that in all booking users, young users account for 79%, which also explains that Baojun Valli is really pressed.

Another core element is, Baojun Valli 7.98-10.58 million people’s private price, sitting on the concept of “100,000 national ram”, while Also give a lot of pills that like the tile cans of the trolley. Baojun Valli uses a car, installs all the distant people; uses young people to afford the price, reach the distant distant people who want to go, this should be the “young people of the first RV” that Baojun Valli “The best interpretation.

This may also prove from the other side, the young man does need to be afar, but they are not before, is a tool that can reach the distance. Baojun Valli’s listing, just gave a new chance of young people, so young people have no hesitation!

The young man who has a distant call is tens of millions.

Have such potential, do we need to worry about Baojun Valli?

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