12.99 million, 1.4T + 7DCT, 2021 Air Cold Kaudique officially listed

In the Guangzhou Auto Show, 2021, car show, Kaudakik, officially listed, and the price range of 129,900-159,900 yuan. As a change truck, it is said that the truth does not see too much change from the appearance or configuration, and only have some adjustments in the details, such as in the intelligent technology configuration.

Aspects, we have compared with the old model, it is indeed the overall and old style, that is, the air in the bottom of the front face A little changed, and there is a level of level relative to the old model.

Configuration, new car standard brake assist, body stable, fatigue driving tips, fixed speed cruise, uphill assist, adjustable multi-function steering wheel, seat adjustment, The full system of 9-inch touch LCD screen, 6 speakers in the whole car. The light source configuration is generally, in addition to the LED light source used by the top, other halogen light sources, all of which are all equipped with a large lamp delay, and manual anti-glare function, rainfall induction rain brush.

I think it is more likely to be a mobile Internet technology. For example, pay the parking fee through the car and the SAIC Kodak Super App, you can pass the 4G The network transmits the parking space to the cloud platform, via the app one button to catch or remotely control the flash, whistle to find the car, we can also check if the window is close to the mobile phone, or interact with smart appliances.

In terms of welfare, Skoda will give 5 years of basic traffic when buying a car, and a 500M car online multimedia includes online music and online radio traffic. Car WiFi is a 3GB hot traffic in the first annual purchase of a car, and it can continue to buy it or expire.

In terms of power, the new Kokeke will continue to carry the same 1.4T engine, maximum power 110kw, peak torque 250 nmIddot; M. The transmission section is equipped with a 7-speed dual clutch gearbox. Have to say, the new Colek has increased a lot in intelligent technology, but its appearance and interior and power and oldThere is still a few differences, although the underlying configuration is less than 30,000 yuan, but the difference is very large, so I think if it is Skoda’s iron powder I suggest buy a top match.

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