125,900 yuan from the top spot with just over 150,000 compact-class luxury SUV stardom listed on LX

[ Juxun Wang reported ] October 20, 2019, Beijing Shunyi Airport Hilton Hotel, stardom stardom its compact-class luxury SUV LX North officially released, the price range of 125,900 yuan -15.09 million.

new car a total of four configuration options, which are shared version of star, star Yao edition, StarElite version and star Venus version, accompanied by North stardom LX officially released, stardom LX also introduced exclusive car packs, as of December 31, 2019, car users can enjoy the high replacement ceremony subsidies 15,000 yuan, 5000 yuan subsidy to high auto insurance, financial loans to high subsidies 5000 yuan, and the vehicle engine to enjoy 10 years or 100 ten thousand kilometers long warranty. From the warranty policy, stardom on the power system mounted on a vehicle full of confidence.

LX North stardom start of the conference, Ms. Jiang Qiong EXEED stardom director of public relations speech, praised the country’s economic takeoff, so far has had many dazzling brand, such as Huawei, for example, Chinese high-speed rail, has gone to the world stardom is born Against this background, further enhance the domestic car brand image and status.

EXEED stardom Zhu Xiaodong, director of product development introduces the brand of stardom background, stardom from a new independent brand Chery Group, China’s new high-end smart car brand, star of the way Star stands for the sky, the way it represents the journey, EXEED stardom brand proposition is ldquo; dare to go beyond rdquo;, EXEED beyond the inherent meaning, symbolizes the end of the road continue to explore.

In addition, Mr. Zhu Xiaodong also stardom LX product for a detailed explanation, put forward LX Series brings wisdom middot; a sense of aesthetic, moral exploration, vitality, and emotional evolution, saying LX models will be the auto consumer good life partner.

Finally, several guests participating announced EXEED stardom North LX officially listed, director of network stardom by EXEED Gu Yongxiang firstHealth released to market price and promotion policy.

conference, off-stardom LX also arranged a show car, both inside and outside the high-end atmosphere on the grade, low-key luxury connotation.

EXEED Starryland LX front whole is divided into four levels, lamps, the central grid, the bar and the air shield, the grid is divided into two Central level, gradually widening from top to bottom, highlighting the calm atmosphere of stardom LX appearance characteristics, in line with most people aesthetic.

The most prominent shape of the vehicle side is smooth and the roof line of the vehicle body, the roof line extending rearwardly from the headlights, gradually rising from the A-pillar, the C-pillar under the pressure begins to create a dynamic body posture, the whole block of closed window chrome embellishment trim, to enhance the sense of the shape of the car side.

against the roof rack roof seamless, the upper interface should be provided to facilitate the consumers themselves mounted crossbars, further expansion of the vehicle load.

uses the same rear straight line shape, creating a rich texture, enclosing the through taillights lamps and headlights through the front and rear lamps surrounding the echo night after lighting the high degree of recognition, a new life as a high-end car brand, has just been established will be able to create such a mature brand recognition, EXEED promising future stardom.

show car tire parameters 225 / 55R19V, 55 for aspect ratio praise, but also to adapt to the current domestic real road conditions, not only the vehicle ride comfort is guaranteed, at the same time effectively reduce the impact damage to the rim.

strict protection engine compartment, full flavor of a luxury car.

Starryland LX 1.6T equipped engine, official data showed 0-100km / h acceleration time of 8.8 seconds, combined consumption 6.9L / 100km, the maximum power of 145kW, peak torque 290Nm.

FurtherLX stardom specific configuration is also abundant, whether it is car-plane interconnect human-computer interaction, or intelligent driver assistance systems, it can be said to be sufficient to easing the bit LX stardom with the price of the joint venture brand compact SUV models.

within the next 10 hours, I will participate in the test drive LX stardom, and then again to share the actual use of the vehicle dynamic performance and configuration functions.

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