170,000 yuan from the Guangzhou Toyota Wei Landa official pre-sale, can reproduce Highlander increase myth?

Recently, the Guangzhou Toyota version of RAV4– Wei Landa officially open and accepting pre-booking, pre-sale price of 17-25 million. Previously, FAW Toyota RAV4 wing has been put on the market, guide price of 17.48-25.88 million, and Toyota Highlander car fare one God has a similar naming system, Wei Landa whether as a blockbuster like the Highlander it?

In appearance, Guangzhou Toyota Wei Landa in many ways do to distinguish wild style RAV4, such as the front face is no longer used is also obvious inverted trapezoidal + bumper grille combination, the lower bumper intentionally weakened, create a shape like Lexus spindle grille, the overall impression is more urbanized and has a sense of movement.

guangfeng Wei Landa

a Toyosaka put RAV4

on the side moldings, Wei Landa Toyota RAV4 and the difference is relatively small, and the same root trapezoidal wheel arches, demonstrating generation RAV4’s wild beauty. Differences of detail, more on the wheel design top, Wei Landa offers a Hot Wheels model of wheels, sportier.

on the

tail shape, Wei Landa taillights is a flat style, but this is a little more rough tough style, the opposite wing RAV4 the group put a tail lamp angular, very dynamic. Jiang brother appreciate even more the tail lamp shape RAV4 wing groups put, and it feels both rear styling interchanged may be better.

Inside, Wei Landa and using the same discharge wing RAV4 design, three steering wheel and suspension control in the big screen are the current Toyota favorite design practices, symmetrical layout clear layout, easy to operate, the overall design in line with the current mainstream aesthetic.

Wei Landa Interior

Interior RAV4 discharge wing

Power, Wei Landa provide 2.0L and 2.5L hybrid a combination of two kinds of power, wherein the maximum engine horsepower 2.0L 171Ps, maximum torque 209Nmiddot; m, 10-speed analog matching CVT gearbox, and to provide optional four-wheel drive system. 2.5L hybrid version of the system maximum power of 222 horsepower, fuel consumption and dynamic performance can be a good balance.

From the point of view Ralink Corolla and Toyota despite playing two-car strategy, but does not make the two vehicles have the most direct competition, on the one hand by the formation of differentiated appearance of the details, on the other hand, Toyota is through time-tested configurations and pricing differentiation, grab sensitive consumers.

卡罗拉比雷凌 price of 4,000 yuan higher than the starting point, consumers will see more and go to a secondary low allocation models, Ray Ling and comparing Bikaluola $ 200, arranged on a front multi keyless entry, LED headlights and rear seats recline, less heated mirrors and two speakers, can be said that the difference in configuration, different prices, what need.

Clearly, Toyota’s two-car strategy is to not let yourself with the door cannibalism, so Wei Landa and Toyota RAV4 is the same, Jiang brother Wei Landa guess the actual starting price will certainly be lower than the RAV4 wing put 174,800 yuan. From the configuration point of view, the Starter Edition Wei Landa less than the RAV4 lane departure warning, lane keeping, active braking, full-speed adaptive cruise control and adaptive distance light lights and other technology configuration; more Bluetooth phone, call road assistance, front LED fog lamps and Hou Leida, so Jiang Wei Landa after little brother guess these configurations, from the sale price will be reduced by at least 2000-4000 yuan.

Therefore, Toyota Wei Landa actually has an important piece Toyota to seize the market segments in China, as it comes with the RAV4 compete, in fact, we can be understood as more choose Wei Landa, rather than the users themselves RAV4 is more suitable for Wei Landa, Toyota interspersed configuration, the price differences are not a vegetarian, perhaps with the same desire to implement the dual Volkswagen and Honda strategy of a war level.

As, as can also Wei Landa again as Highlander God became increase car, Jiang brother believed the legend is difficult to reproduce. On the one hand, Toyota introduced double car itself purpose is to seize market segments, rather than as the development of a new market like Highlander, on the other hand, RAV4 past several years in China market, and no hard to find a car, so Wei Landa or will become a more secure car sales, Ralink like that, you think?

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