19 4000 special section overbearing struck in November to stop the declaration

classic shape, not backward configuration, real off-road power, Toyota Prado 4000 is such a charming highlight, won all hearts. Middle mounted handed 4000 4.0 liters displacement engine, tuned slightly, the maximum power of 202kw / 5600, the maximum torque of 381Nm / 4400rpm. Also increased air suspension, KDSS roll control system and the extremely slow speed traveling mode.

4000 Toyota overbearing security and stability, long good-looking, really in use, comfortably carts. Toyota overbearing with the perfect unique technology from the engine to the manual gearbox. 4000 Toyota overbearing space is large enough, handed the car is king, overall performance is unmatched, a million luxury cars momentum.

4000 Toyota overbearing pure off-road weapon for a pair of new faces show people again. The bumper on both sides of the round fog lamps and more simple and intuitive. It has seemed like Iron Man takes away people’s eyes, the perfect shoulder high-profile off-road performance and road performance. 4000 overbearing front face of the larger size Thick grille, front bumper with exaggerated, giving a very strong pressure, headlights stretched further extends to the bottom of the grille, the front face appears more domineering. The new image of the rugged off-road character, to create an entirely different style of the King. 19, paragraph

4000 Toyota overbearing more stylish interior, steering wheel and dashboard styling be happy to re-design, compared to cash has become more fashionable and rich sense of technology. Compared with the older models double barrel-type instrument panel, the new model’s dashboard although there would be less sporty but looks more concise, water temperature and fuel gauge are individually moved to the dashboard. The new model not only redesigned steering wheel, multi-function control buttons left and right sides of the styling has become more design sense, compared to the old models look like boxy look more pleasing. Storage space 19, paragraph

4000 Toyota overbearing interior design is very considerate, front and rear doors are sufficiently large cup holder, before the shift lever is not only a reservoir matter grid, as well as12V power is available. While the rear center armrest and the third row of the left and right sides of the liner panels provides a very considerate cup holder. The trunk has two openings, rear window can be opened, put some small things do not have large open tailgate.

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