19 Mercedes-Benz GLS450 magic price

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benz GLS450 shape highlight distinguished atmosphere, stable, GLS design language with a new family. 19 Mercedes-Benz GLS450 overall design is very honest and upright even traditional, overall a very aggressive front face, the front face of the sharp cut was based on a rounded front of the arc out of the hood domineering, LED daytime running lights coupled chrome trim bis , full of technology, new bumper can dress and headlights. 19 Mercedes-Benz interior GLS450 was a new design, but also on the part of the GL are classic design heritage.

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Benz GLS450 P01 LFC package lighting package American Standard Version white appearance black interior

configuration: white and black GLS450, P01 panoramic light stop auxiliary appearance wheel lock chrome heated steering wheel cold cup holder drag Harman hook anthracite not reserved after the two rows of interior

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benz [123 ] GLS450 appearance highlight the distinguished atmosphere, stable, GLS features a new design language family. Double wing web transcontinental formula chrome grille, and a hollow solid-pointed star, more distinguished. Solid-Benz logo is optional driver assistance package is what we call Ray ACC adaptive cruise measured, hollow Benz The logo is not optional driver assistance package.

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Mercedes GLS450 overall design is correct and even honest and traditionally, overall a very aggressive front face, the front face sharp nose was based on a rounded arc cut out of the domineeringHood, LED daytime running lights coupled with chrome-plated trim bis , full of technology, new bumper can dress and headlights. More vertical front air Le Cha, a new facelift bumper and headlight, hood has added two full force uplift lines on. 19, paragraph

Mercedes-Benz interior GLS450 was a new design, but GL also be part of the design classic heritage. Such as air conditioning vent, multimedia control panel, air conditioning, etc. operating area have been modest optimized on the basis of cash on the GL, the essence is preserved. 2019 Mercedes-Benz GLS450 huge figure enjoyment like ample seating space, the car is also equipped with a number of high-tech equipment and facilities. Have a new multi-functional three-spoke steering wheel, interior lights and atmosphere new touch interactive system .

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Add Version benz GLS450 in the Engine no changes are made on, is still 3.0T turbocharged engine , power to reach 367 hp , the output can be continuously transferred between 5250-6000 [123 ] maximum horsepower , compared to [old 123] benz GLS400 the engine not only increases the a 30 hp , but also a corresponding increase in torque of 20 Nm. Seven-speed transmission facelift for the current market mature nine-speed transmission . 19 models plus EDITION benz GLS450 Engine just upgrade hp and torque increase, one hundred kilometers speed reduced from 7 to 6.1 seconds.

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GLS450 large stature, magnificent, virtually traveling on the road there is a despot. As a top SUV , the owner wants them everything, both leisurely walk in the complex sections where you can enjoy a comfortable and luxurious experience in the interior. interested friends can leave a message below, call them, or to the store can test complete shop now car

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