2.0T + 8AT is less than 180,000, Great Wall Cannon New Pelica “Artillery” is worth buying?

There are a lot of pick-up types in the domestic market, but there are not a few playing properties. The Great Wall Cars is to see this market and launch the Great Wall Fluillikika. 2021 Chongqing Auto Show, it is officially listed, the official guidance price is 179,800 yuan, as the pre-sale price. Then this pickup has a bright spot, and the ordinary version of the pickup is different, let’s just talk.

[123 ] The appearance is still familiar with, and the whole vehicle looks smaller. Its shape has been seen many times, and the current payment is not the same, it uses a double-door short-axis cockpit design, suitable for playing. The black-proof off-road suite, the joining the wild tire, making it stronger. The ground gap is increased to 249mm, close to the corner 34deg;, leave the corner 26deg;, it is not worried about the face of various complex road conditions.

Interior, we are also very familiar, mainly based on practicality. It cancels large-sized middle control screens, but also the button design, which is more convenient for off-road vehicles. The configured is very thick, like automatic parking, uphill assist, main co-driving regulation, keyless entry, car phone, manual air conditioner.

The wheelbase is shortened, but passes stronger. Its long-wide height is 4963/1975 / 1950mm, and the shaft distance is 2745mm. Compared with the long mill gun, the body length is shortened by 462mm, the wheelbase is shortened by 485mm, and the body is more compact, while the passability is further improved. There are only two people in the car, and the space is larger than the Beijing F40 (4350mm, the shaft distance 2465mm) of the single row-tape.

As a off-road vehicle, the power performance is good. It uses 2.0T high-power engine + captory 8AT gearbox, maximum power 218 hp, peak torque 380 cattle MIDDOT; Rice. BoggWarner divided four-wheel drive system, front and rear bridge electronically controlled differential locks, 7 full terrain driving mode is its highlight. Compared with the 50th bell D-MAX, a 163 horsepower 1.9T engine is equipped, and the Jianghuai is equipped with 150 horsepower 2.0T engines.

Write in the last:

Great Wall Fireworkskika model is very handsome, stronger, rich in configuration, overall appealing. However, the two-row of two pickups are still very rare in the domestic market. It is not suitable for carrying more people, but there is also a benefit, that is, through sex, facing complex road conditions. For consumers who like to play, do not need to manage people, it is worth seeing. (Photo source network)

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