2.0T + 8AT, the top with less than 140,000, heavy card faucet creates 7 SUV?

The competition in the domestic auto market is indeed more intense, and the “four major four small” patterns, including four major automobile groups: FAW, Dongfeng, SAIC, Changan, and Traditional Four Truck Group: Guangzhou Automobile, Beiqi, Chery, heavy steam, has been quietly broken. Today, the rise of private enterprises such as Geely, Great Wall, BYD has subverted the pattern of domestic automobile groups, and it is necessary to have a lowest sense, and there is a number of heavy steam.

China National Heavy Duty Truck Group is the leader of domestic high-end heavy trucks, but in the field of passenger cars, they are not passed. However, recently, China Heavy Duty Truck VGV launched a new SUV model – Yu75 Plus, the guide price is 13.79-1399 million yuan, the price is not low. What is it? Today, I will look at it with everyone.

When the Chinese National Heavy Duty Truck VGV, everyone may face, in fact, its predecessor is a Weichai car. As early as 2013, Weichai Motor issued Weichai Ying brand in Beijing, entered the passenger car market, the first model was Weichai Ying G3, and then launched some models, the main 30,000 SUV market, but There is no wave of waves.

In 2019, Weichai Automobile New Brand VGV replaced Weichai Ying, became the main brand of Weichai Group to enter the passenger car market, its first model is compact SUV Weichai U70. On December 31, 2020, China National Heavy Duty Truck Group entered Weichai Motor, and the brand was also renamed “China Heavy Duty Truck VGV”.

Appearance: The sports breath is strong in line with young consumers

As a second product under China’s heavy truck, it is actually true It is not counted, because U75 Plus is based on the U70, which is much more medium-term change models. Therefore, in the appearance, both have extremely high similarity.

The biggest change is mainly concentrated in the front face, and the U75 PLUS’s China.com has been re-design, the area is large, and the line is sharper. withWhen the smoked black treatment, after the lower red line is embellished, create a full movement, it looks very popular, in line with the taste of the young consumer and the adjustment of SUV. U75 Plus


The side portion, the hub is redesigned, five blessings The two-color riser has a certain sense of motion in the style, which is not too thin, and there is a certain help in the filter, comfort is guaranteed.



in the body size, with the same level competitors X70 Plus, Euro, Ocean Pro, etc., the book strength is still entered.

comes to the tail, the newly added bilateral single exterior exterior exhaust port, with the diffuser on the side, the moving breath is quite strong . Unfortunately, its exhaust port is fake, and the winter is slightly embarrassed.

U75 Plus


Interior: small technology improvement The new S-class password

, although the overall contour does not change too much compared to the U70, the U75 PLUS is indeed a new one. feel. Mainly, the big screen of the central control, quite a new Mercedes-Benz S level, such design is placed on a price of only 10 million cars, absolutely a stunning.

U75 PLUS interior

Mercedes-Benz S-Class Interior [123

There is no doubt that the overall interior style of U75 Plus is quite high, canceling a large number of physical buttons, and the mechanical gear rod has also replaced electronic knob shifting mechanism, the overall sense of interior Quite strong, simple, technology atmosphere is in line with the current mainstream, do not know if the user experience is as good.

Of course, it is not stopped from the surface, and more is configured. 10.1 inch central control LCD screen + 10.25 inch full liquid crystal meter, reflects full technology; main driving motor seat, keyless entry / start and electric tail gates, enhanced use; reversing radar, 360 degree panorama and Slope auxiliary function, improve driving safety. In short, for its configuration evaluation, Tsui brother “rich”.

Take: 5/6/7 is a Jun selection

U75 Plus currently launched three versions, in fact the configuration is consistent, mainly different in seat On the chair bureaus, the new car has 5/6/7 for consumers. Among them, six seats and 7 prices are 139,900 yuan; while five versions are inexpensively 2,000 yuan, the price is 1.379 million yuan.

Thanks to the size of the size, U75 PLUs will increase in the U70 in the ride space, but it is limited to size and positioning limitations. The third row seat is still used in emergency.

At the same time, the new light brown seat color, so that the entire interior of U75 Plus looks more grade.

Dynamic: 2.0T + 8AT 2 words “advanced”

U75 PLUS’s largest highlight is in power promotion The new car is equipped with a 2.0T engine from the Great Wall Hive, the maximum horsepower 224PS, the maximum torque 385 nmiddot; M, which matches it is a self-integrated gearbox from Shengrui 8.

SingleFrom the perspective of power parameters, compared to 1.5T + 6AT power combinations on the U70, the power performance of the engine is much better, and the 8-speed automatic transmission is better controlled to a lower. Return, improve fuel economy. But the book belongs, how is the actual performance, or wait until the actual test drive, it will be finalized.

Prospect: Brand recognition is not good image needs

Obviously, want to succeed, in addition to the product itself In addition to sufficient attraction, more important is to let consumers perceive their value. Don’t say that it is an ordinary consumer, even if you often mix it in the car circle, it is actually not much for China’s heavy truck VGV, let alone its U75 PLUS.

First, China National Heavy Duty Truck VGV is actually Weichai VGV, even earlier Weichai Ying. It should be noted that commercial vehicles are in some of the types of control, design, and directions, will have a big difference with the passenger car. Speaking of this, some consumers will definitely question their products. “An old-mail commercial vehicle company can make a passenger car?”

In fact, refer to the Jiangling This ancestor, which is also the main business car, which enters the passenger car market. From the products launched by them, the circles, the leader, and the leading, in the overall design and the control, in the market Harvest a lot of supporters. As its main style, the leader is almost stable in 2000, although it is not “explosive”, it can be based on the market. Of course, they hang, but “Ford” car logo.

Write in the last

Unexpened under the brand, U75 PLUS If you want to have a chance to win, the only thing you can rely on absolute cost performance. From the product forces, heavy steam u75 Plus is still in the field of subdivision to find its own positioning: positioning medium SUV, equipped with Great Wall 2.0T engine, matches 8AT gearbox, and the shape is not keen.


However, domestic automobile market competition is increasingly fierce, and the single price is difficult to be based on the market. For consumers, the brand image is still critical, and there are many optional competitions on the market, including the above mentioned X70 Plus and Europhanke. Therefore, China National Heavy Duty Truck VGV wants to divide a piece of a cup in the passenger car market, but it is determined to take out the strength and sincerity. Welcome to “the” car domain “, leave a message below, share your views on heavy truck SUVs.

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