20 models add more European regulations Bentley, compact design

Bentley brand both in awareness, or on his consumption of the underlying population, have a certain level, but put aside the talk about the price of its design and driving experience, estimated that very few models also his rival, with the popular SUV market, Bentley to be outdone, we launched an SUV, yet today we add to this the Bentley conduct some comprehensive introduction.

Configuration: 20 under European regulations Bentley add more gasoline V8 five

Color: Beluga (Black)
interior color: white + Beluga (white + black Mill unique aesthetic skin bis)

configuration: 5 21 inch double spoke wheels, front comfort pack package (including: wing headrest, seat ventilation) urban kit package specification (including: urban traffic security, parking assist, pedestrian warning, lateral and rear reversing alarm, video and ring mirror automatically dimming vehicle, traffic sign recognition), the appearance of a black package, ambient lighting Jiaogan electric tail

Bentley add more design fully reflects traditional Bentley brand style and innovative production technology, and design of the front face continental GT, Flying Spur Bentley models, etc. there are a lot of similarities. Four classic circular headlights all-LED light source, and integrates a headlight cleaning function, so that the front of the design more compact. Body side, front fender vents and through front and rear waist raised rear wheel arches and speeding Bentley classic family lines design readily available.

Bentley add more overall style atmosphere, calm, saw him at first glance, you can see all the details of every interpretation of what is meant by Bentley style from the ultra-molding, Bentley extremely sharp lines, the hand-built interior space, are all prestigious Bentley’s innovative interpretation of design ingenuity.

distinguished, elegant, comfortable and happy most of the associated Seiko doing fine. Bentley also inherited the family of noble descent, highly scientific and technological content of traditional retro interior configuration and Bentley,Exquisite workmanship of the leather seats, an enhanced level of user-friendly configuration, impressive. Overall cockpit, based on the Bentley badge embroidered on the seats filled with symmetrical style, solemn and chic.

Bentley add more hand-built interior space, are all Bentley prestigious ingenuity design innovative interpretation. Heritage Classic the same family design, interiors need Crewe’s craftsmen create handmade with more than 400 hours. Premium leather-wrapped steering wheel feels unbeatable, says he generally delicate skin like a baby is not an exaggeration, charged with wings in shape for the design, Bentley continues the elegant styling ornate, handmade wood and leather interior trim selection, create your unique exclusive car.

on the measure of luxury SUV’s interior, the Tim Bentley is the only benchmark. Tim have to say that the more advanced custom handmade and deliberately even Aston Martin can not be a small glimpse. Land Rover as the pinnacle of creation once declared its interior to catch up with Bentley, Land Rover’s interior although exactly how we can not comment, but there is no doubt that this is sufficient to say that Mingbin Li on the status of the interior is almost unshakeable.

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