20-year taxi driver summary: 35 types of automotive faults and rapid solution

The following car master collects the most common judges and solutions for collecting the most common car of the car. After reading, when you encounter similar failures in your daily car life, you can also know the reasons, reasonable deals, more questions can directly consult the car master, 170,000 car maintenance technicians online.

1. Engine oil pressure indicator showing anomalies

CAUSE: When the table’s pointer displays the oil pressure is not normal, the engine component is faulty. If the oil meter pointer is lowered or the instrument pointer is displayed, it may be due to the wear of the oil pump. The filter is blocked by the dirt. The oil filter is exposed to the oil surface. The oil liquid is low. And the pressure gauge has faults. In addition, the viscosity of the lubricating oil is low. The oil passage seal and poor lubricity. Lubricating oil is too cold. Lubricating oil has too many deposited depositions, etc., will also cause oil pressure indicator to show abnormal

Solve: Replacement repair should be replaced in time to the repair shop.

2. Screw the heat sink cover found that some oil stains float on the water, and there is a water

when converting the oil

: The engine has two major circulation systems, one is a coolant circulation system, and the other is a lubricating oil circulation system, and the two systems are not penetrated. If there is water in the water or oil in the water, there is a problem in some isolation in the two circulatory systems. LDQUO; oil into the water RDQUO; with ldquo; water into the oil RDQUO; it is a different nature failure. LDQUO; oil into the water RDQUO; it is a problem that the engine body itself has a problem, while ldquo; water into the oil rDQUO; is mostly caused by engine parts, and its fault is different.

Solve: Replacement repair should be replaced in time to the repair shop.

3. Car acceleration timing oil pressure indicator will light

Cause analysis: There are two cases of highlights. The so-called real is that the oil pressure is indeed low, and the extent to the indicator will issue a warning, indicating that the lubrication system is faulty and must be excluded. The so-called virtual, as doubt, the oil lubrication system has no fault, but the oil pressureThe power indicator system has failed, and the indicator light is wrong.

Solved: Although this fault will not affect the normal operation of the engine, the root cause should be found in time, exclude. Usually, the possibility of diseases is large, and should be used as the main idea of ​​judging the fault.

4. The car encountered a failure at the time of driving, and the swing is more serious when the heavy bus is more serious

Cause Analysis: Generally due to before The wheel tire wear is uneven, and the new tire or gas tire is used in uniform and the steel row deformation. Because the wheel speed is faster, the moment to drive the steering wheel is mainly from the balance of the tire or the steel ring. When the sheaves or steel rings exceed 3 mm, the bias torque can drive the steering wheel left and right swings.

Solve: Repair factory inspection, change the tire or steel ring.

5. Traveling on a good road, heavy. When the empty car is swinging, the swing is serious, and the speed of the vehicle is, the more heavily swing [ Cause Analysis: Generally, the brake drum is loose and the hub bearing hole is penetrating, and the brake drum thickness is different from the center of the hub bearing, and the brake drum is caused by the center of the brake drum.

Solve: It should be repaired in time to the repair shop.

6. The engine oil consumption is too large

Cause analysis: The careful friends will find that lubricants are also in the case of good conditions. There is normal consumption, but sometimes the car is poor, the car’s exhaust gas discharges the blue smoke. In fact, this means that the lubricant consumes too much. In general, the consumption of lubricants does not have two cases, enter the combustion chamber to participate in combustion, or It is oil leakage. The reason why the oil can go into the combustion chamber, mainly because the parts are severely worn, and the mixing gap is too large, or the oil pressure is too high, causing the oil to enter the combustion chamber. The leakage of the oil is mainly because the sealing pad is hard to strengthen. The valve card is dead. If it is an old vehicle, there is generally a sealing pad that is unsatched due to aging.

Solve: You’d better pass a professional maintenance center, the maintenance engineer is determined, and the effective solution is implemented.

7.When the door glass is lifting, there is slight ldquo; 拉 rdquo; acoustic

Cause Analysis ;sound. In particular, the driver side is serious. This is mainly because the northern veins are large, and some small dust and gravel are often stored in the door glass and sealing strips, and noise occurs when the glass is lifted. At this time, it is necessary to clean the sealant strip of the door glass and the dust in the slide of the slide, otherwise the door glass will be scratched. 8. When the turret is lit, the flicker frequency is faster than usual

: When the handle of the turning lamp is moved, the steering display on the dashboard is displayed. The frequency of the lamp is fast than usual, which is a fault. Generally, since the steering bulb is broken, it is caused by changes in the resistance of the line.

Solve: Replacement repair should be replaced in time to the repair shop.

8. Rain and snow, windows, glass shaving, unclean

Cause Analysis: When the rain and snow weather is very large, the use of a wiper feels good, but the current small When the rain and snow launches the wiper, it will find that the wiper will leave the wiping traces on the glass surface; this situation indicates that the wiper sheet has been hardened, or the wiper is scratched, it will cause wipe. Do not uniform, form residual dirt.

Solve: Replace the wiper or wiper film surface. However, when replacing should pay attention, in different models and years, the installation method and length of the wiper are different. Some wiper only need to replace the rubber sheet, and some wiper needs to be replaced.

9. In winter, the front wind window glass is foggy, accompanied by sweetness

Cause Analysis: This occurs when your vehicle uses warm air Phenomenon, generally due to slight leakage of heating tanks in the cab. The mist on the front wind window glass is the antifreeze blown out of the wind blowing of the air blower in the car, which is condensed on the front wind window glass, and the person can feel the special taste of the antiboline. At this point, the fan should be turned off, and the mist will gradually disperse.

Solve: Replacement repair should be replaced in time to the repair shop.

10. When driving, the vehicle turned LDQUO; fluttering rdquo;

Cause analysis: It is often caused by the front wheel ldquo; swing RDQUO; caused by: Press tire or vehicle repair The total successful balance of the front wheel is destroyed; the transmission shaft assembly is loose; the transmission shaft assembly balance is destroyed; the damper is invalid; the spring tactor is inconsistent; the steering system is worn properly; the front wheel is not calibrated.

11. The engine temperature suddenly is too high

Cause Analysis: If the car is running during operation, the coolant temperature table indicates the position of 100 ° C, Or when the cold car is launched, the engine coolant temperature is rapidly raised to boiling, and it turns normally after complementing the coolant, but the engine power has decreased significantly, indicating that the engine mechanical system has failed. Most of the causes of this type of failure is: the cooling system is severely leaking; the water jacket and the cylinder cylinder cylinder block of the cylinder are rinsed; the main valve of the thermostat is off-off; the fan drive belt is loose or fractured; the pump shaft and the impeller are turned off; fan clutch work bad.

Solved: Check the cause of the fault, the corresponding maintenance is replaced.

12. When driving, the steering dish of the vehicle is difficult to manipulate

Cause Analysis: It may be that the front wheel specification or air pressure on both sides is inconsistent; two After the front wheel lead, the inclination or wheel bearing angle is not equal; the front hub bearing gap on both sides is inconsistent; the spring arches or elastic force on both sides is inconsistent; the left and right sides are too large; the wheel brake gap is too small or The brake drum is lost, causing a stem from the brake card to make the brakes to be dragged; the vehicle is loaded uneven.

Solve: Replacement repair should be replaced in time to the repair shop.

13. In the foreigner

Cause Analysis: There is a plastic or a breathable passage on the back cover of the front light. This passage is in front of the front. The structure of the lamp must be present, otherwise the thermally expanded gas cannot be excluded, and this breathable channel can only be in water.

Solve: If there is a slight fog, it will be quickly dissipated by air circulation or opening, if there is always water or foggy, it is necessary to go to a professional car repair factory to exclude.

14. The vehicle has a full car jitter during high-speed driving

When the vehicle is on normal driving to about 96km / h, the whole car jitter appears. Reduce the speed of the vehicle, the phenomenon disappears, and if the jitter is accelerated to 90km / h, the jitter has a failure of the car chassis. The cause of the fault is: the wheel movement balance is missing; the front and rear suspension. Turn. Transmission and other institutions loose; front wheel positioning. The wheelbase is unparalleled; the half-axis gap is too large. Solve: Timely exclude or avoid malignant cycles and trigger other faults.

15. When the car turns, the turning plate clearly turned into a small turn, and the steering wheel is clearly turned into a small turn, but it turns into a large turn

[123 ] Cause Analysis: These two phenomena occurred in the steering, called insufficient steering, the latter, called excessive steering, indicating that the steering system has problems. There is also a steering phenomenon, which is initially insufficient, turned over to over-steering in the middle, turning to the inner side. This is the most dangerous reverse steering phenomenon, which is prone to accidents.

Solved: This situation only occurs on the car of individual rear engines. Everyone remembers going to repair it in time.

16. The engine cold car is difficult to start, and the engine vibrates after the start is started, and then tends to be smooth, the engine starts to jitter, and there is improved at high speed.

Cause Analysis: It may be a spark plug failure or ignition time is too early. If it is not a spark plug, it can be judged that it is premature time.

Solve: When the above fault occurs, it should be repaired in time to the repair shop. 17. Exhaust pipe black smoke

Cause Analysis: It indicates that the mixture is too strong and the combustion is not complete. The main reason is that the automotive engine overload, the cylinder pressure is insufficient, the engine temperature is too low, the chemical oil is adjusted, the air filter is blocked, the individual cylinders does not work and the ignition is too late.

Solve: When excluding, it should check if the wind gate is fully opened, if necessary, check the main nozzle from the mono-oil, if there is oil injection or drop, the float chamber oil surface Excessive, adjust to the specified scope,Tighten or replace the main amount of holes; the air filter is blocked and should be cleaned. Dredger or replacement.

18. Each time I open the air conditioner, it has a very unpleasant smell of the wind. It is more serious when the weather is wet

Cause Analysis: The air conditioning refrigeration principle is passed The refrigerant quickly evaporates the heat absorption, so that the temperature flowing through the air is rapidly declining. Since the temperature of the evaporator is low, the air temperature is high, the water molecule particles in the air will condense into water beads on the evaporator, and the dust or clothes in the air are in the seating, the small fluff, etc., which is easy to attach to the condenser. The surface, resulting in mold, and bacteria will reproduce a lot.

Solved: Such air is inhaled by the human body to affect the health of the driver and the car, so the air conditioning system should regularly replace the air conditioner filter. Clean the air.

19. Vehicle exhaust pipe Exhass blue smoke

Cause Analysis: It is due to a large number of oil into the cylinder, and cannot be completely burned. Remove the spark plug, you can find a serious carbon carbon. Solve: Whether the oil surface of the machine is too high; whether the gap between the cylinder and the piston is too large; whether the piston ring is contained; whether the intake valve is worn or the seal is damaged; if the cylinder pad is ablated, etc. It should be repaired if necessary.

20. When the engine is noise, when the vehicle is placed on the accelerator pedal, there is ldquo; ron. RDQUO; abnormal sound, the engine cabin has vibration sensation.

Cause Analysis: Lift the vehicle, you can see the bottom guard plate of the engine with bumps. If there is an obstacle on the road, the engine bottom guard will be bumped. After the bottom guard is deformed, it is close to the distance of the engine oil, and if the distance is too close, when the acceleration, the oil undercase and the bottom guard will have an abnormal sound and vibrate the body.

Solve: Don’t take a closer road in the driving, don’t cause the drag. Treatment method: Remove the bottom guard plate, flattened correctly.

21. When the vehicle is accelerating, the speed will not be able to increase

Cause analysis: When the speed is accelerating, the car accelerates, and the speed can not be accelerated. Immediately improve, can’t overtake it. Possible reasons for the startThe fuel supply system of the machine fault, oil pressure. Injective amount. The ignition time does not meet the norms, spark plugs and high voltage line faults.

Solve: Replacement repair should be replaced in time to the repair shop. 22. In the car, the engine exhaust pipe has a black smoke, and the exhaust pipe (muffler) has an abnormal sound.

Cause Analysis and Solution:

1. If the engine exhaust pipe discharges a small amount of black smoke, with the rhythmic ldquo; the sudden RDQUO, the sound can be determined to be a small number Do not work or ignite. The non-operating cylinder can be found in a cylinder, or when the correction ignition is checked.

2. If the engine exhaust pipe is discharged, it is accompanied by the sound of the gun, it can be determined that the mixture is surprising. It should be checked to check if the wind gate is completely opened, and high-speed overhaul will be performed if necessary. After the flameout, the main nozzle is taken from the oil, if there is oil injection or drop, the float chamber has too high, and should be adjusted to the specified range, tighten or replace the main amount. The air filter is clogged and should be cleaned or replaced.

23. The steering wheel of the vehicle is always not correct. I will leave left, I will go to the right, I’m absolutely

Cause Analysis: This is due to fixed in the steering machine The rubber limit block in the groove is completely damaged.

Solve: After the new block is set, the fault is completely disappeared.

24. The engine is not smooth, often accompanied by LDQUO; sudden rdquo; sound, the engine is insufficient when acceleration, emit ldquo; Peng. Peng Rdquo; piece of gun sound, exhaust pipe Black smoke.

Cause Analysis: It is possible to be a carburetor and a platinum failure or ignition time is too late. If the ignition is too late, the engine piston is close to the stop, the spark plug begins to ignition, the mixed gas combustion is lagging, the combustion is not complete, and when the piston is down, the mixture is still burning, combustion chamber volume Expanded and the hysteresis expansion of the gas, resulting in low cylinder pressure, and the engine power is lowered. The mixture of partially burning expansion may also return to the carburetor by intake the door, producing a tempering phenomenon, issuing a dramatic ldquo; Peng. Peng Rdquo; sound, the incomplete mixture of combustion is built by the exhaust pipe. appearThe above fault is in.

Solve: It should be repaired in time to the repair shop.

25. When the engine is turned off

Cause Analysis and Solution: The idle shutoff valve is shifting in the direction of movement, if the operation specification is not too high, the gear is too high The flameout phenomenon, you need to check the following questions: 1. Whether the idle speed is stable, whether the idle speed is too low, if the idle speed or idle speed, as long as the idle speed is adjusted to normal speed. Also tighten the idle shutoff valve, plug into the plug.

2. If the idle speed is normal, it may be that the oil and gas separator is blocked and needs to be cleaned the oil and gas separator to the professional repair station.

26. The engine has explosion, especially when accelerating

Cause analysis: the sound of the knockout sounds like the valve rod LDQUO; r r喀 rDQUO; sound. Because the new engine uses hydraulic pillars, there is no excessive sound of the gap gap, which is actually a burst. This sound is due to the use of low-reference fuel.

Solve: Use a reference to the required reference to fuel.

27. Air conditioning air outlets Small

Cause Analysis: The air outlet inside the vehicle will gradually become small with the use of the vehicle. The phenomenon, while the effect of refrigeration is also weakened. Generally, this is because there are many new cars installed air conditioning filters. The purpose of the installation is to maintain clean air inside the vehicle, which also keeps the air-conditioning evaporator clean and achieves the best refrigeration effect.

Solved: Replacing a new filter problem is solved. 28. The car swing in the air car and the heavy-duty driving, and the swing on the flat pave is more serious

Cause analysis: generally due to the front bore Does not comply with technical standards and horizontal tensile head. The interior of the steering machine is too large or the steering machine fixation bolts are loose. The steering segments and bushing wear is too large.

Solve: It should be repaired in time to the repair shop.

29.Some jitter

: Analysis of the clutch fork. Separation bearing. Severe wear of the pressure plate and friction, the discharge of the discharge, the post retractable sleeve and its bearing severe grinding Flower. Drain, the oil seal has been burned. There are only two reasons for the above case, one is a problem with the positioning of the transmission shaft, causing the shaft to be parallel; the other is that the inter-shaped gap is too large.

Solve: Replacement repair should be replaced in time to the repair shop.

30. Engine throttle body and idle motor dirt

Cause analysis: At present, the interlocking speed of the sedan is in the case of the throttle of the throne. . At the engine operation, due to air quality and gasoline quality, the throttle of the engine throttle can have many dirt, when the dirt is severe, the engine will be too low. Stability is poor or no idle speed , The throttle has a card with the throttle. Solved: When the general car is about 2000km per car, it is recommended to clean the throttle. After cleaning, the engine should be set to the normal working state by the diagnostic.

31. Heavy weight when steering

Cause Analysis: The rolling bearing and sliding bearing of each portion of the steering system is too tight, and the bearing lubrication is poor; the strip rod. Horizontal The ball head pin is tightened or deficient; the steering shaft and the sleeve bend, causing a snap; the front wheel is not adjusted; the front bridge car or frame bend. Deformation. In addition, turn to the wheel tire loss. The four-wheeled positioning data is not allowed to turn over.

Solve: Replacement repair should be replaced in time to the repair shop.

32. The gearbox is slippery, accelerated without power

During the driving process, the gas door speed has a sound of the engine, the speed of the car There is no improvement, I feel that the whole car is weak, and most of this phenomenon is caused by burning of clutch tablets.

Solve: Replacement repair should be replaced in time to the repair shop.

33. It is usually driving normally, but sometimes there is a feeling of emergency braking when it is slow parking, and there is a dragging in the start;The fuel consumption is large, the vehicle speed is limited

Cause Analysis: The fault may be on the brake head pump. Actual Case: There is a car reproduces the above phenomenon, support the car, disassemble the brakes. Brake pump. Card guide rail and hand-made wire, no abnormalities. No abnormalities were found in the road test. After a while, the above fault appeared again and pushed without brakes. Touch the two-wheeled wheel with your hand, obviously overheat. After the connection bolt of the total pump and the vacuum booth is turned off, the brake is released, and the vehicle can be pushed. The total pump is generally pumped, and the length of the boot rod length and the total pump piston depth is found, and there is no gap between the two. This makes the total pump back oil is not complete, producing braking drag. After loading and adjusting the gap between the total pump and the booster, the test truck, troubleshooting.

34. The vacuum hose has a leakage sound

Cause analysis: On the upper part of the engine will hear a LDQUO; 咝咝 rdquo; Qi, as the speed increases, the sound gradually disappears, the cold machine. The heat rang sound has no change. At the same time, the engine is also accompanied by LDQUO during idle speed; the sudden rdquo; the sound, some attachments are not working enough because the vacuum is not worried, the sound is small, but there is hidden danger. The above failure is due to the vacuum hose. After falling off, it produces a vacuum due to the engine operation, and has a large inhalement at the vacuum tube joint to generate the sound of the airflow.

Solve: Check each vacuum hose. There is no aging deformed in the pipe joint. Cracks. Suddenly, if there is damage to replace new parts.

35. When the driving speed is increased, the speed of the engine cannot be improved.

CAUSE: If the vehicle is driving, when the vehicle is discovered, especially when the vehicle is accelerating It cannot be accelerated as the engine speeds up, and for manual transmission, it is generally due to the damage of clutch sheet. The vehicle of the automatic transmission is generally caused by damage to friction in the transmission. It is no longer able to speed up to avoid greater economic losses.

Solved: Rescue or slowly drive the vehicle to the maintenance factory.

Automobile Master reminded : Everyone has time to accumulate some car maintenance knowledge is veryFor use, there are some small problems, you can easily get it. It is best to have a friend who knows the car repaired, and it can help it in this critical time. You can also answer your questions in the car repair master of the car master.

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