2018 BMW X5 Middle East version of Shaanxi National Five Latest Latest Offers

2018 BMW X5 Middle East Edition inherited the excellent appearance of the previous generation, the whole vehicle model was more full and dynamic.

Parallel imports 2018 BMW X5 Middle East version

Vehicle procedure: exhibition hall is currently car [package tax]

Vehicle Color: White appearance / brown interior

Vehicle offer: 650,000

Vehicle configuration: 3.0, original leather seat, square tail throat, Touch 10.2 HD large screen, LED headlight combination, LED fog light, 18-inch wheel, front and back parking radar, reversing image, foot touch, back box open, skylight, smart card, free-key entry, one button start, sports steering wheel With shift dial, motion shift lever, programmable liquid crystal dashboard, front-rated electric adjustment seat + heating + memory, two-zone constant temperature air conditioner, rear drum window manual sunshade, electric folding rear view mirror.

Parallel imports 2018 BMW X5 Middle East version of China network still adopts classic double kidney molding, domineering, and the surrounding line around the air grid uses a more thick line Elock; BMW X5 dual kidney intake grill is the classic representative element of the BMW family, and there is some “muscle sensation” in terms of shape.

2018 BMW X5 Middle East version of the inner equipment, the entire console looks lower, increase the brightness of the interior space, the central LCD monitor is replaced with a thin piece independent suspension Big screen design. BMW steering wheel design always feels stronger than other brands, the feel is very solid.

Parallel imports 18 BMW X5 Middle Eastern version of the family-style front face iconic double kidney grille and open corner headlight, the side of the body runs through the door handle Line, it looks very simple. BMW X5 is wide and harmonious with the transition of the body, and the dynamic lines are outlined.

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