2019 best-selling Chinese cars, all joint ventures, self-defeat?

this article for everyone to take stock of what, in 2019 China’s 10 best-selling car models. Inventory by China’s best-selling car, we can find some interesting the law.

1. Consumers still prefer German cars, Japanese cars

from 10 models in the list view, Sunny, Bora, Sagitar, Santana, Passat, The five models are all German cars. The Landmark Plaza, Corolla, Civic, Accord four models from Japan’s car sales also came good. It can be concluded that Chinese consumers still prefer German cars. But having said that, in the Chinese market, the best-selling five models of German cars, but had little to do with Germany. We all know that Shanghai Volkswagen Lavida is specially developed for the Chinese market. Jetta, Santana is also special for the Chinese car. While the Passat and the Sagitar overseas markets there, but the US version of the Passat Passat is not the German version, Sagitar also been extended for the Chinese market. Therefore, paragraph 5 of the list of German cars, in fact, had little to do with Germany.

2. Sunny, Sylphy Classic is still sold?

the highest sales volume Sunny and Sylphy reason ahead, because they are two models have a common characteristic, that is the old and new models multigenerational sales, Sunny in China in addition to Sunny plus the in addition, there are Sunny’s previous generation models. The Sylphy is the same, old and new sales models under one roof.

For this reason, the previous generation and the previous generation of Sunny Sylphy, you can put price pressure is relatively low, even in the terminal market price of the car is not bare to 100,000 yuan, the consumer has a very large attraction, from the other side also reflect trends in the consumer market sinking, a second-tier city consumers to buy new cars, four-tier cities of consumers to buy old cars, they want to buy big brand reliability, durability are relatively high car, and therefore Sunny Sylphy models of the previous generation has become their first choice.

3. Passat, Accord, controversy, the bigger the sales?

201 is Passat and Accord9 years of best-selling midsize cars, both cars suffered in the 2019 controversy, in which the Passat mediator research results among collision, the front 25 percentage offset impact, performance as poor. The Honda Accord has also experienced “oil gate”, “high-speed stall door” event several times been recalled. The strange thing is that the greater the controversy these two models, the greater the sales. China actually became two of the best-selling mid-size car in 2019.

In fact, although this is difficult to find two models have some problems, but the product is still relatively strong force, and the configuration is relatively high, the most critical is that these two models at the same level models which price is relatively low Passat’s price is lower than the Magotan, while the Accord’s price is lower than the Camry. So we can find for consumers to buy cars the most critical factor is price.

4. own brand is not a list?

Although the SUV market, its own brand is now a strong rise, sales are very good, can rival with joint venture brands, but in car terms of their own brands are still fully behind the joint venture, the best-selling 10 sedan car joint venture among all, own brand is not a list of. Therefore, it is possible to find in the traditional car market, the joint venture brand is still relatively strong, independent brands and joint venture brands want to break the monopoly, there is still a long way to go. It is reported that among the best-selling own-brand vehicles of Geely Dorsett.

5. CONSUMERS most fancy, still durability, reliability!

Although in recent years the development of China’s automobile market very rapidly, and the birth of a lot of concepts, for example, advanced driver assistance, interiors large-screen control, voice control, etc., etc., but we can find the list of these models are more traditional models, and not by virtue of the concept of speculation. So we can see that consumers are most concerned about durability and reliability is still, after all, the car as a big-ticket items worth a lot of money. Compared fancy concept, able to durability, reliability and cost performance has been very good, it is still the decisive factor for consumers value most.

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