“2019 EDC x Si Hao extraordinary voice of electronic music super group” cool incoming

October 21, 2019, quot; 2019 EDC x Si Hao voices of extraordinary super electronic music camp quot; cool curtain in Beijing, Hao thought E20X stunning debut. The event, to think Hao customized holographic laser LED screen Chinese flag first show, EDC GOGO flash show, light show, Louie Louie amp; SIKDOPE DJ performances and starting thinking Hao brand of hip-hop theme song and other performances, so that participants exposure unparalleled visual feast.

EDC amp; electric-power binge SUV sound and automobile sound passion collision

guest energy bracelet worn Daisi Hao have a admission, it was quot; the voice of extraordinary quot; ground motion video wall screen with EcoSystem attract. In well-designed EDC GOGO opening show and light show full of imagination of the audience, the super power evangelical dream curtain.

by the Chinese people show up the finals team to create an exclusive special show, laser, holographic projection and other high-tech form with the trend of electronic music, with 6 minutes thinking time a comprehensive picture of Hao E20X unique charm, which is thought Hao special performance given the first national flag of flexible LED screen; the event also starting a Party MC Lier and Rapper Qian Hao sub-tailored to think of hip-hop theme song, it referred to Shaosi Hao love with a young way; well-known DJ Louie Louie amp; SIKDOPE show is the atmosphere to a climax Hey explosion.

truly special is that Jianghuai Automobile Co., Ltd. public R & D, product, Thomas-Christian Knott, executive vice president of quality to take the form of talk show guests arrived at the scene referred Shaosi Hao brand value and E20X product highlights: multi-level quot; Xquot; former model face with quot; three-dimensional triangle quot; threading LED headlamps and taillights; comprehensive life up to 402km in the NEDC conditions capacity, with richIntelligent vehicle networking applications and intelligent thinking Hao travel services; and build in accordance with stringent quality system processes and the quality of the Volkswagen Group, so think Hao E20X users can easily manage urban travel life.

embrace the younger generation think Hao E20X lead the joint venture pure electric SUV C bits debut

Si Hao, embracing urban young generation, power they continue to explore self-worth, always release the full potential. Si Hao has been committed to accurate positioning younger age groups, followed by the Internet trend, the travel experience for the younger generation to build empathy type of wisdom. As the Volkswagen Group involved in the design and test of the country’s first joint venture pure electric SUV, think Hao E20X provides users with a scene of ecosystems, natural voice intelligent, digital social property, public standards of quality, design aesthetics contrast, extraordinary leapfrog six core configuration value.

Si Hao E20X combined with the young segment travel, life, competitive core of the social ecosystem of the real scene matching, establishing warm empathic relationship with the owners. Interaction and natural language voice control of Things ecosystem for young people to sound the moment, with the world outside the car seamlessly link; charging piles and car machine intelligent control to help users anytime, anywhere query information charging, charging more worry-free under different scenarios; thinking Hao Super APP and the IOT intelligent package allows users to achieve the car and home, people and cars, smart devices and smart home things together in a multi-scene under.

city parade, wonderful will continue to

Up to now, the public thought Hao JAC brand has been complete distribution in 13 cities across the country business recruitment, the first dealership was opened in Tianjin on September 22, the first thought Hao Beijing, Guangzhou, Shenzhen, Hefei, Zhengzhou and other cities experience the store has grand opening, urban young consumers to build quot; their thinking Haoran quot; intelligence experience space.

Next, think Hao E20X will work with EDC, coming in Beijing, Guangzhou, Shenzhen, Hefei, Zhengzhou and other places, expand the city parade . By then, in addition to challenging fun test drive, but also set up at the local ED thinking Hao store experienceC x Si Hao electronic music experience angle, the user can use the mobile phone software simulation DJing, record your own electronic music. The guests participating by sharing their work but also to participate in the EDC x Si Hao big fan draw to win in November EDC Zhuhai annual carnival tickets and other surprise gift.

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