2019 Mercedes-Benz G63 Special Edition advance how much money offer limited edition G63

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Mercedes-Benz G63 is a new change models, Mercedes-Benz g series after a new vertical replacement thirty or so years, new lightweight body eased terms of weight compared to the previous model, reduce vehicle weight to bring the most immediate benefits is handling has been improved, then there are fuel consumption will be reduced.

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: 2019 paragraph

G500 guide price: 2019 paragraph 1.588 million

G63 AMG guide price: 2.208 million [123 ]

2019 models G63 AMG special Edition is the first type guide price: 2.458 million white red, black and red matte black and red are cars

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of the vehicle length and breadth were 4817mm / 1931mm / 1975mm, wheelbase reached 2890mm, compared with the old models, increased body length 53mm, width of 121mm to increase . At the same time, wading depth of new cars reached 700mm, 100mm increases than the old models, the approach angle is 31deg ;, departure angle of 30deg ;, have increased 1deg ;, maximum climbing angle of 45deg ;, increased ground clearance 6mm, reached 241mm. In addition, the new car also uses a new hybrid steel and aluminum structure, quality decline compared to the current model 170kg, compared to the previous model to enhance body rigidity by 55 percentage. 19, paragraph

Mercedes-Benz G63 did not give up comfort as the main movement, length and width of the new model an increase in high regard, so two rows of space compared to the previous model spacious lot, heating ventilation are also readily available. Interior is exactly the same, now support the national car installments. A large number of carbon fiber applications so that the vehicle interior looks a lot of fashion, the iconic hard three differential locks must be standard, a unique aircraft spiral outlet high-grade sense of self-evident. 19, paragraph

Mercedes-Benz G63 uses the latest dual-screen design, full LCD instrument panel and center console screens 12.3 inches. While the interior texture and technology have made great progress. Compared to the current model, its interior has undergone tremendous change, a lot of cash into the Mercedes-Benz S-class, E-class design elements, and thus become more luxurious, family and even the screen design of the car’s highlights scientific and technological sense. Of course, the classic “three lock” button will naturally be missing, and is set in the center console of the most prominent location.

G-still equipped with a new generation before, during and after the three differential locks, while the body has a non-bearing. In addition, G-level only the replacement of the front axle, rear axle suspension bridge is still a whole. Said three differential locks, many small partners do not know how to use, the following small series compiled a specific use, for your reference: the proper use of the Mercedes-Benz G-Class three locks: the use of these three differential locks are fixed order: 1-2-3, namely the – after – locking front differential in turn, I do not want to lock which locks the what. In addition, when you press the corresponding button differential lock, differential lock and the lock does not start immediately, but need some distance from the vehicle ahead to start the automatic locking.

The new G63 off-road performance better, more comfortable, thanks to the standard adaptive suspension system (can adjust the current needs of each suspension damping based on). The system is completely redesigned Mercedes -AMG, coil spring, front axle with the first independent double wishbone suspension, the rigid axle shaft used with five-link suspension. In off-road, a compressible rear suspension 82mm, 142mm resilient, clearance is 241mm. Further, in order to reduce the roll of the vehicle body, front and rear axles in the car increases the lateral stabilizer.

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