2019 Mercedes-Benz Maybach V250 conversion price allocation VS680

2019 Mercedes-Benz Maybach V250 version VS680 commercial vehicle vehicle a 2 + 2 + 3 pattern of positive seven, Mercedes-Benz Maybach VS680 commercial vehicle entire vehicle size: 5370.1928.1920mm, equipped with 2.0T turbocharged engine, the maximum power up to 155KW (211ps), peak torque of 350Nm, Mercedes V250 Maybach VS680 Version commercials whole system matching 7-speed automatic transmission, chassis with a AGILITYCONTROL agile control technology suspension system, with road conditions and driving conditions to adjust the damping characteristic, Benz Maybach Edition VS680 commercial vehicles while improving ride comfort, but also to the process of driving fun and entertaining. For more details, call the bottom – Shen Jingli

imported Mercedes-Benz Maybach V250 version VS680 is a typical blend of blood, the hollow area uses a C-level speeding latest design language family, composed of two great color blocks appear in the control panel and dashboard consisting screen appears when you start feeling very prominent science and technology.

new imported Mercedes-Benz Maybach V250 imported diamond lattice NAPA leather seats (180deg; rotation), high resilience foam cushion provides soft and comfortable feeling rely, more upscale ; electric heating ventilation systems, electric massage system and other functions, faster relieve travel fatigue and enjoy the comfortable journey; six on three sides adjust butterfly pillow, heart regulation, will always find the right posture, makes the human design.

V250 Benz Maybach luxury version VS680 order to create emotional awareness, on the floor there are withdrawals. This car is laid purple pure wool carpets, and set up two foot, guests sit in rows here feel very noble feeling being served.

Mercedes-Benz Maybach V250 version VS680 second row of seats reached the standard of first-class cabin, imported handmade leather wrapped handle delicate, careful stitches with fine, details of the Department pinpointing. Not only looks more a sense of quality, and you can feel after you sit, this air seats and other seats biggest difference is that you can transverse electric adjustment, which is not available in the other seat.

benz V250 Maybach Edition VS680 third row seats as the standard electric sofa, seat comfort has wide style. It can be adjusted by controlling the leg dragging hidden on the back of the central armrest of the seat back of the control panel may be completely flat, if necessary with a second row of seats, a length of 2m is formed Deluxe Double meet different travel demand.

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Benz Maybach VS680 top part is relatively high cost coated Alcantara, and retains Maybach Jiugongge fiber ceiling skylight can be opened and rear, if this kind luxurious atmosphere just on the emotional perception that choose Maybach V level with rational decision reflected in its personalization features. Comfortable cabin – mental and physical pleasure, honorable unique.

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