2019 models imported Mercedes-Benz commercial vehicles modified version of the configuration V250

2019, paragraph

of imported Mercedes-Benz commercial vehicles in the V250 on the continued appearance of a new V-class design, bullet-head with the appearance of the iconic straight body lines, discreet atmosphere without saying, to maintain the level of the entire outer V , the appearance of the bullet head and straight lines constitute specification summarizes the high-end commercial vehicles.

2019, paragraph

import Benz commercial vehicles V250 modified version of configuration: shoji small window side, the whole car chrome package, V-class headlamps and taillights, daytime running lights top luggage rack, high light wood + garnish turbine outlet, the whole car interiors chrome kit, four doors BENZ mentioned, the entire vehicle interior leather-wrapped, squares ceiling surface, the foot rest split BENZ , four mirror Maybach welcome pedal, coffee leather dashboard, manual curtains, plush roof import turn, imports of pure wool carpets, executive conference tables, entertainment screen 12.1 inches rear head restraints, front armrest plus Mercedes-Benz factory 12L thermostat refrigerator, electric power front seats change hands vented heating, airline seat Maybach BENZ rotary electrical switch, the third row 180deg; electric switch BENZ sofa bed, the folding rear shelf plate, reverse image. Import

2019, paragraph

Mercedes V250 reasonable commercial vehicle center console design, operation more convenient and efficient, Mercedes-Benz V250 is equipped with a home known as the “cab management and data systems and networking capabilities “the OMAND Online system is the highest level of Mercedes-Benz V250 multimedia system, 8.4-inch touch screen can show all the information. Import

2019, paragraph

V250 Benz commercial vehicle passenger compartment interior decorated with dark brown and black, with the stars of the night Alcantara suede ceiling, luxurious look there mystery.

2019, paragraph

imported Mercedes-Benz V250 commercial vehicles can also be customized retrofit fulfill every seven partition design, one-touch 32-inch high-definition LCD lifts TV with theater sound system, front and rear cabin partition aviation aluminum, to ensure the independence of privacy, the LCD screen can lift, ensure that arbitrary exchange and balance privacy.

2019 models imported Mercedes-Benz commercial vehicles V250 electric flat rear support of a double bond, business travel on the way to you at any time to be gentle on both sides of the glass ink coupled with an electric pleated curtains show consideration for privacy, more in line with the concept of the Mercedes-Benz V250 mobile business class .

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