2019 Who Chinese auto market’s most powerful 15 vendors that?

2019 China automobile market ushered in the market downturn, many car manufacturers sales year on year that there is a decline, but in this context, there are still some car brands strong growth, this article we have come to take stock of what we 2019 China auto market’s best-selling 15 car brands.

number one is FAW-Volkswagen, sold 2,046,189 vehicles in 2019, an increase of 0.5 percentage.

FAW-Volkswagen is very rare, there has been an increase in the joint venture brands, and become the first sales. FAW-Volkswagen in 2019 actually experienced a wave of price cuts, including Magotan, Jetta, Golf, including some models have a relatively large discount. FAW-Volkswagen in the SUV market, the layout of exploration and exploration song Yue, listed at the end of the exploration and shadow. Three models respectively corresponding to the compact SUV small and mid-sized SUV SUV, wherein. Yue exploration there have been relatively large market offers.

Also in 2019 for FAW-Volkswagen, the Jetta brand of very large contribution, VS5 and VA3 sales after the market have achieved very good results. It can be said FAW-Volkswagen Jetta brand contribution is large, and in the future in the face of four-tier cities in the market, along with trends in consumption sinking, we believe that FAW-Volkswagen Jetta brand will contribute more sales.

Shanghai Volkswagen, 2,001,777

Shanghai Volkswagen have not fared well in 2019, mainly due to because in the end of the year Passat, Bulgarian research in test scores 25 percentage frontal offset crash was poor, so hung up on this generation of God car unsafe label. In addition, before the crash test scores among SAIC Volkswagen Tiguan L performance is not very good, so although all the Volkswagen brand, FAW Volkswagen and Shanghai Volkswagen difference is still getting bigger, and before sales of Shanghai Volkswagen, FAW has more than high-Volkswagen, FAW-Volkswagen achieved this year but beyond. In addition, SAIC Volkswagen’s Skoda brand performance is tepid compared FAW-Volkswagen’s Jetta brands, Skoda to consider how well compete with the Jetta.

SAIC-GM 1,600,102 vehicles

SAIC-GM reason why there is a relatively good performance was mainly more of its brands, Buick, Cadillac, Chevrolet three brands. Although Buick and Chevrolet’s most models use three-cylinder turbocharged engine. For consumers, in fact, quite mind. But GM is smart to provide consumers with 8 years or 160,000 km warranty, and such Buick Hideo prices have dropped to about 70,000 dollars, for the joint venture compact car, so the price is still very attractive force, so GM’s sales also maintained relatively high.

Geely Automobile, 1,361,560 vehicles

Geely Automobile to score ranks vendors more than 1.36 million vehicles in the first four, in the autonomous which is the number one brand, but also the only one among its own brand sales exceeded 1 million manufacturers. 2019 Geely’s performance is very eye-catching. And auspicious start this year, a significant force in the high-end and new energy direction, for example, the high end has released more auspicious star, but in the new energy vehicles set up a geometry car. Geely Automobile believe the future will give consumers more surprises in high-end and new energy vehicles, but at the same time we must recognize that in the process of transformation, Geely is also facing a very big market competition.

Nissan 1,287,367 vehicles

sales of Nissan vehicles is relatively good, mainly because its models are relatively hot, For example, Sylphy, Qashqai and Teana, Sylphy Needless to say, he is currently the Chinese market, the best-selling compact car joint venture, and the old and new models under one roof sales, sales of classic Sylphy possession in which the proportion of sales of Sylphy very good ratio, and sounds of nature at present has a joint venture in the car more popular models, although overall sales not as good as the Camry and Accord, but sales of about 10 000 a month is also very good.

9 SGMW79,082 vehicles

SAIC-GM-Wuling’s Wuling brand is also available in addition to the Baojun brand, in 2019 we can see whether or Wuling Baojun are making the transition. Baojun brand in particular, has begun to abandon the low-cost strategy, beginning toward the high-end development, and introduced a number of relatively strong sense of technology, but also do work better car, and therefore increase the price of a lot.

Great Wall Motor vehicles 914,985

As manufacturers produce only SUV Great Wall car sales to reach 914,985 units the year is still very much of. Haval H6 SUV is still the Chinese market sales champion, in addition to the Great Wall’s brand currently includes pickups and WEY including the sales are very good, with the lifting of the ban pickup market, the pickup market in China ushered in the spring, and cumulative luxury SUV brands WEY the sales have reached more than 100,000. And in the future the Great Wall is about to fall BMW project put into production, we can also look forward to the future of Great Wall Motor will have better performance.

Changan Automobile 803,291 vehicles

introduced a new Changan Automobile Changan CS75plus in 2019, this model can be said that the competitiveness of It is very strong. Ji Libo in competition with the more majestic RX5, among Hover H6, did not strive. And Changan Automobile models are often used in Japan Aisin 6AT transmission, and other brands are not the same, rugged and durable. And Changan models are often low-cost market, giving consumers good benefits.

Dongfeng Honda 800,089 units, Honda 770,876 units

Honda in 2019, Chinese market ushered in the outbreak, sales are more than Toyota. Honda Accord, Honda Civic sales are very good, and with the shadow of the listing Hao, Honda introduced a further two-car strategy in the Chinese market. Although the 2019 Honda oil scandal broke out, but this thing did not affect Honda’s sales.

FAW Toyota 729,233 vehicles. Guangzhou Toyota, 682,008 vehicles.

Toyota’s sales also very good, also thanks to the two-car strategy, whether it’s Camry or Corolla, Avalon and this year have become the star model on the market. With Toyota advance TNGA architecture platform in China’s car market, Toyota models are almost complete replacement. Highlander will be adopted next year TNGA architecture, it was also supposed to domestic MPV models, that when the time Toyota’s performance will be better.

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