2020 car Key words: hot hands

The previous car company 2020 summarizes Beijing. Perhaps someone will be very strange, you wrote this company, sales is not hot enough, not a few years ago, compared to the mass, Toyota, Honda, etc., it is not high enough.

However, in this public point, the most fun is not to face, the most expectation in the network is not reversed?

Elonask has no more words in the past few years, and now there are many people’s spiritual totems, even 2020 rockets to the ground, you can rely on social software on quot; our mission is completed Successful quot; deal with it.

Similarly, today’s articles protagonist – Li Bin and his average car, the same. At the end of 2019, Li Bin has a lot of title, such as quot; the most worse person quot ;, such as quot; abyss quot ;, .

Is there a difference in the topic of modern cars and awareness? The result of the sales list number brought.

The hot hands is a keyword, not related to stock price

From 2019, it is averaged 2020, and then In combination with a few years ago on the high thermal topics of the aware car. You will find something, the network has its own memory, but the rules are always similar – regardless of the performance before a person or a company, once it creatively brings the existing industry, it will be fast Receive a large group of people’s tops.

The hot discussion topic in 2017 is why so many people want to fall down. The answer is kilomechanical, there is discussion of electric vehicle technology, there is discussion of business model, there is discussion of capital injection, there is a discussion of consumption;

The hot topic of 2019 is that the future of the flight is More difficult.

All this, in 2020, in fact, quot; crisp quot;

On the one hand, sales continue to double, deliver 43728 units, and the total user is more than 75,000, although the base is not big, but it is clear that it has become a new car in 2020. The number of people is obviously more than a few years ago.

On the one hand, the stock price continues to rise, and the investment market is more and more optimistic about the development of smart electric vehicles. Is it high? Not high enough. After all, Tesra has broken a value of 700 billion, and although the market value has not used too much, it means that the capital model behind the car is richer.

Also, Jidai Automobile Headquarters settled in Hefei, Hefei invests 7 billion yuan to Jidai, and the subsequent headquarters, R & D base, second production base, and even more to build thousands Million Industrial Park plan. Behind this is the story of future development, but in short, the future development base of the car has become more stable, from the money to develop to production.

The above is the market and industry level, and it is a series of highlights in 2020.

If, compared with these and six months in 2019, it is huge, and his face is endless. In October 2019, the US car stock price once fell to 1.19, even in the edge of the retreat, the investment market began low-cost sale, more, and the outside world was in the end of the bankrupt.

Tens of billion months in 2019, to now 100 billion market values, this state, Elonask he has experienced it, two nights launched in Tesra Model 3. After all, no one can bring the price of electric vehicles, while complying with those capabilities (smart, driving, life, etc.) that Elon Maz, as long as he can complete the vows at the time, and there is no real Competitors, naturally it is nature.

Public opinion and market, this look, the above-night case has been, a model for saving a car company is a. Still very old and old, who gives a quot; the car industry short-time event quot; fast next conclusion, it is almost inevitable. So, on the keywords on the public opinion, on the one hand, the hot face is hot.. Of course, the freedom of speech is free to be human rights and cannot stop.

Continuous injection of funds may not be able to turn over, the product can be

Everyone has a mouth, long eyes, naturally, after seeing, I want to say something. Thus, Tesra Model 3 can be successful, it is different from others.

Is it aware? Like the same, you have to make a lot of things to explain on the product. The product mentioned here is not a narrow product, including quot, which has been praised; user thinking quot; quot; user mode quot; quot; user circle quot; and ultimately still need to rely on product display.

In 2020, there is 2 points to talk on the product.

First, BaAs mode. It is not an economic account to be discussed, how big is the difference between rent a battery and buy a battery, and rent a battery makes your own used car. Because, even in the car media for 12 years, it is not particularly clear, and talking about this.

Big things, to combine the Baass + shift mode + battery upgrade. As long as your budget is in that, you can expect Yu to continue to provide battery upgrades. The small price is not to think that the shutdown is an upgrade battery. In the nio day you are coming, Li Bin will bring 150kwh new battery pack, which means that the next flight owner can continue to 700 kilometers.

Of course, everyone’s consumption is different. Some people like to be fine, often change, and some people like to save, one step in place, there is no mistake in this, life mode, different human nature Different.

Second, used car service – NIO CERTIFIED. As usual, it is natural to face new questions.

For example, how the price is fixed, how is the quality of the second-hand car guarantees that Li Bin can not stick to it. Li Bin insisted that this can’t talk, but how the price is fixed and the quality of the second-hand car guarantees,Such topics are a bit ridiculous.

People who have learned some of the Chinese second-hand car business will know that there is no clear standard and system, quot; a car one price quot; it is a legal truth to tell you. Moreover, China’s second-hand car industry is compared to Europe and America. It is another circulation system. Some people give their own solutions, especially for new energy vehicles, which is obviously a good idea.

Write in the last:

The network era is like this, the chasing hotspots, fast mouth, mouth of poison, have a living road. But this is never the core point of human civilization, quot; wise people don’t say, good people don’t argue, the brave does not trumb to quot;, it is only a small number of a few in a few.

What is the next moment? No one is judged, after all, many times, luck is also important. However, there are many new benefits in front of the presence, such as the launch of the first sedan, such as the launch of the 150KWH battery pack, such as the second generation shift station.

Li Bin next, can complete the FLAG under the step by step, and will continue to keep the state.

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