2020 Lexus GX460 country five latest offer

2020 Lexus GX460 Middle Eastern Eastern Edition uses a more three-dimensional family-shaped spindle-shaped network, intensive dot matrix plus solid Lexus car standard.

Vehicle model: parallel import 2020 Lexus GX460 Middle East version

Vehicle procedure: Country five cars [package, package Tax]

Vehicle color: gray appearance / brown interior

Vehicle offer: 1.4 million

Vehicle configuration: new [Front grid, steering wheel, front-rear, Lexus logo with coating], circular, concurrent road, refrigerator LED headlight day line light, 4.2 color instrument information display, seven, non-loaded body, 6-speed manual, 18-inch wheel, 12 airbag, air hanging, chassis lifting, dynamic regulation suspension system, central differential lock, sunroof, headlight cleaning, punching leather seat, electric seat, mobile phone, smart key, three-zone automatic air conditioner , 8-inch screen navigation, Bluetooth, ring, electric leather multi-function steering wheel, fixed speed cruise, peach wood interior, tire pressure monitoring, electric adjustment outer rearview mirror [electric folding, memory function, heating, LED steering lamp, reversing Automatic angle adjustment].

Parallel imports 2020 Lex460 Middle East version of the front face, the front headlights, the transfer of braveness, and the side of the whole car throughout the car, double It is obvious that Peng Yu power does not loses stabilizing temperament. The body uses a more tough line and creates a stronger technology.

2020 Lexus GX460 leather wrapped steering wheel or a new silver control panel, the materials and materials in the car also reached a higher level, giving one There are fewer luxury in hard venue.

Parallel import 20 Lexus GX460 Middle East version of the front headlight design curve, starting with the middle of the middle of the door, passing through the back door handle, has been extended to the back headlights, Quite fashionable dynamics; more chrome-plated decorations are added in the China grid, and the visual impact is more obvious.

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