2020 Mercedes-Benz Vito commercial vehicle cut off the whole custom interiors elegant black sky dotted highlighting luxury

Mercedes-Benz Vito Why do people buy? Cheap large space is the most important point, although the overall configuration is not high, but fortunately the latter can go upgrade. On the effect of the change for the moment, the Vito conversion costs are generally not low, ten million is normal today to see an old iron are Genghen, this car conversion fee close to 30 million, or look how is it?

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first look in front of the interior, looks very upscale, very commercial van, senior lifestyle. Many changes to the project, such as the steering wheel, in the control panel, seat, armrest and so were upgraded. Cherry wood plus leather steering wheel replaced, comfort grip. Join in the control panel make the car a sense of luxury doubled, while the built-in car APP is also very practical. Multi-function armrest replaced with models of refrigerators.

the whole partition see it! This is where this car unique! Add 40-inch TV it down the moment strong business atmosphere, full of sense of quality. Maybach models used in air seat, Napa leather covered more comfortable to sit up, but also with multi-way power adjustable heated massage seat ventilation support rotation and other functions.

Add a more roof light and spacious design of the grids, a bright light source at night, may serve as a reading light used, may be converted multicolor . All vehicles using internal addition suede cover, including a position ceiling, column or the like ABCD.

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