2020 Mitsubishi Pajero V93-powered car is old full price close to the people real shot

Mitsubishi Pajero V93 in the hearts of many domestic off-road enthusiasts has an irreplaceable position as one of the representatives of the high-performance SUV, the Pajero off-road performance, not too many bells and whistles, entirely practical to send a class. As Pajero off-road generation of God, from the first generation of off-road vehicles available to the community boarded the altar, but the rush a few years, then, is have evolved from generation to generation, long-term entrenched on the altar, and created a part of it dynasty history, achievements beyond the classic era. 20, paragraph

Mitsubishi Pajero V93 white / black 280 000 current car configuration procedures together: 20 models of GLS (20 March production), Mitsubishi engine V93.V6.3.0L super selective four-wheel drive system, 88L fuel tank, 7 a seat 17 aluminum wheels, tire pressure monitoring, gold standard, silver pedal, a luggage rack, a xenon lamp, LED, front fog lights, door handles and mirror chrome, chrome grille, remote key, after hanging the spare tire, the tail, the center differential lock, power windows, power folding mirrors, the electric eye, leather shift lever, leather multifunction steering wheel, Bluetooth phone, cruise control, refrigerated storage box, rear mounting spare wheel, automatic air conditioning, rear head outlet

Inside, the 20 models

Mitsubishi Pajero V93 generous interior space for Pajero’s interior is particularly introverted ,atmosphere. Even during driving, also let you find themselves in a world away from the hustle and bustle. It provides a versatile and spacious interior, full-size seven and compartment space selection, allowing you to enjoy work and daily life. While the plurality of the seat adjustment mode can provide good ride quality, long-distance travel is not tired.

control part of the design of the Mitsubishi Pajero V93, much younger than the previous model, giving the impression yet slightly avant-garde heavy . Black large area and harmonious with a little silver trim, looks more comfortable. Has an outer diameter of the measured data 38CM leather multifunction steering wheel, feel moderate level, above the keys arranged in rows, the left can be controlled entertainment systems, cruise control is on the right key. Mitsubishi Pajero V97 generous interior space, comfortable leather seats, let Mitsubishi Pajero V93’s interior is particularly restrained atmosphere. Even while driving, But also let you find themselves in a world away from the hustle and bustle.

Appearance on Pajero V93: V97 choose the color with gold as there are silver gray brown and beige color black interior body size selectable length * width * height * 4900 1875 * 1900 on five seven SUV performance: the naturally aspirated 3.8L V6 5-speed manual 2.5 horsepower maximum speed 200km / h vehicle mass 2155KG tank 88L maximum power 184KW maximum torque 329N / M

the company solemn promise: All our sales All US, EU, Canada Edition, the Middle East version, ink version of the model can provide a nationally recognized certificate issued by the Customs regular imports of goods, the same vehicle certificate, imported motor vehicle check list, formal invoices to ensure that all regions normally settled in, allowing you to buy comfortable, with the assured.

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The third layer of protection: the car that day procedures attendant to take away (off single, commodity inspection, conformity certificates, invoices, electronic information and two-dimensional code).

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