2020 Mitsubishi Pajero V97 National Five Latest Offers

2020 Mitsubitsito Pajero V97 3.8 GLS Middle Eastern Eastern Eastern Route Inlaid in the grille, the rough combination Xenon headlights and the grille are connected in a thick, the excellent small fog light on the front bumper is inlaid, Strictly in Yan Zheng, there is no shortage of this world.

Parallel import 2020 Mitsubishi Pajero V97 3.8 GLS Middle Edition

Vehicle procedure: booth car [package tax]

Vehicle color: white appearance

Vehicle offer: 458,000

Vehicle configuration: 3.8L, V6, leather seat, coming to the ambassador, 8 airbag, xenon lamp, adaptive far, rear hanging tire, luggage rack, ultra-selection 4-drive mode, 18 inch aluminum alloy wheel, double differential lock, fixed speed cruise, tire pressure monitoring, 7 seats, pedals, front fog Lights, daytime driving lights, headlight cleaning, peach multi-function steering wheel, peach, high brake light, large screen, reflection, main co-driving electric.

Parallel imports 2020 Mitsubishi Pajero V97 3.8 GLS Middle Eastern version of the shape sharp, black “big mouth” with chrome decoration strips, highlight sports style. Pajero’s originality is a kind of cat cat in the Americas. It is well-flexible, flexible, just like Pajero’s off-road off-road capabilities, so many cross-country enthusiasts in China like to call Pajero “Mountain Cat.”

20 Mitsubitsh Pajero V97 3.8 GLS Middle East version of the multi-functional leather steering wheel, the hand belongs to the medium level, the large interior space, the comfortable leather seat, let Mitsubishi Pajero V97 The interior is particularly intricular, atmosphere.

Parallel import 20 Mitsubitsi Pajero V97 3.8 GLS Middle Eastern version of the iconic Mitsubishi Pajero styling is very classic, the new model of chrome-plated Chinese network and headlight set, it looks more There is a visual impact, increasing the new China.com effectively enhances the new Mitsubishi Pajero.

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