2020 models listed GS8 Chi Chuan, power lifting, 166,800 yuan from the sale

2020 models Guangzhou Automobile Chi Chuan GS8 was October 19 officially listed, this new car offers a total of 8 models, the price range for the price range of 16.68-26.28 yuan. The biggest change was undoubtedly the car part of his power, 8 models are 390T version, new cars are equipped with the third generation of high-power version of the 2.0T engine, maximum power of 252 horsepower, matching the third-generation automated manual transmission Aisin 6AT boxes, the future Guangzhou Automobile Chi Chuan GS8 with either high or low with, the same will be quite enough power.

Chi Chuan GS8 appearance has been arguably Guangzhou Automobile Chi Chuan’s the highest design standards, although the great body but looks very delicate, and 2020 models Chi Chuan GS8 appearance, using 3.0 Lingyun wing design language, but also in the details of the appearance has been optimized, especially during the first part of the face , the lower portion of the grille joined chrome “Quake” style, so GAC Trumpchi GS8 rounded appearance can be said with the sharpness.

Compared to change the front face, side and rear of the vehicle is relatively small, and still retains the suspended roof old design, but in body size on car sizes small elevation, car length and breadth of 4835mm / 1910mm / 1785mm, 25mm longer than the length of the current model, high height 15mm.

uses a new interior design, new interior and see the contrast of the old interior to my first impression can use two words to describe it is concise and texture, the overall style of architecture is consistent, but the new Chi Chuan GS8 all-black color, original wood panel leather wrapped changed now, so that uniform color, the overall impression is a simple change become the more texture. In the configuration also upgraded, and use the full LCD meter 12.3 inches, put on a 360-degree panoramic clearer images, electronic upgrade lever like.

power section, can be said to be the biggest bright spot, the whole system using the new hair on the mid-2019 2.0T faceliftMotivation, maximum power of 252 horsepower new engine, the maximum torque 390Nmiddot; m, the power parameter can be counted on the absolute leader in its class, and also the whole system matching Aisin 6-speed manual gearbox, Borg Warner with the second-generation i-4WD intelligent four-wheel drive on a four-wheel type, now such a configuration Chi Chuan GS8 will definitely be a model can not be ignored.

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