2020 shall not expand Iveco Iveco car Ruifu V800E car Monopoly

Based Ruifu V800E Iveco Wolfson automatic build chassis, vehicle size 5990times; 2425times; 3200 (mm). Dynamic, powered by a turbo diesel engines 3.0T, 3.0T turbocharged diesel engine maximum horsepower 146ps, peak torque 370Nm, matching 8AT manual gearbox driveline.

( Note: Articles tail of the vehicle Tel and micro letter )

[123 ]

life area from front to back, respectively forehead bed, sitting area, kitchen area, the rear seating area and bathroom. Forehead bed above the cab, can sleep two people meet. On both sides of the bed with extrapolation windows, convenience lighting, ventilation, ventilation. Lift the headboard, you can get a 40-inch television network, for use in the car.

Unlike a conventional L-shaped sofa reception area RV employed or deck sofa, Switzerland Eph V800E using a single row of car chair + independent vehicle seat design, greater overall comfort during long journeys.

using the rear bed layout picture vertical position, spread to meet a person sleeping bunk bed can be meet sleep. Equipped with bunk beds outside your window, to meet ventilation requirements. Meanwhile, around the beds it is also equipped with a privacy curtain, enhance privacy.

Shanghai Yi He [123 ] car sales Co., Ltd., Shanghai Yi He high-end motorhomes stores

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Matsue region pine Road guard 565 No [ 123] our outlets over the country, can send the car door, including but not limited to, the following provinces and regions:

Beijing [123 ]

City, Shanghai City, Tianjin City, Chongqing Municipality, Hebei Province, Shijiazhuang [ 123] , Shanxi, Taiyuan City, Liaoning province, Shenyang City, Jilin province , Changchun City, Heilongjiang Province, Harbin , Jiangsu Province, Nanjing , Zhejiang, Hangzhou , Anhui, Hefei , Fujian Province, Fuzhou Jiangxi province, Nanchang , Shandong province, Jinan , Henan, Zhengzhou [123 ], Hubei, Wuhan , Hunan, Changsha , Guangdong Province, Guangzhou , Hainan, Haikou , Sichuan Province, Chengdu , Guizhou province, Guiyang , Yunnan province, Kunming , Shaanxi province, Xi’an [123 ] , Gansu Province, Lanzhou , Qinghai , Xining, the Tibet Autonomous Region, Lhasa, Guangxi, Nanning [123 ] , Inner Mongolia, Hohhot , Ningxia, Yinchuan, Xinjiang, Urumqi.

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