2020 Toyota Coaster Toyota Coaster 12 offer

Toyota Coaster [7] [8] [9] [10] [11] [12] [13] [14] [15] [16] [17] [ 18] [19] [20] Beijing Huatong Scotiabank 4s shop Toyota Coaster sales refit 10 (Extreme Edition) 11 (Deluxe Edition, Ultimate, VIP version) 12 (Deluxe Edition, Ultimate, VIP Version) 13 (VIP version, ultra-VIP GLS) full-line promotions.

Toyota Coaster in the design and appearance of the gap between the design of other cars is not too big, golden beige body design, shiny colors highlight the noble color, neutral color, highlighting Toyota Coaster layering modified commercial vehicles and will not single body color and appears to be too monotonous. Large electric door step at a large installation, our on and off with ease.

Toyota Coaster increased privacy glass and chrome and gold-plated appearance identification, stately feeling and sense of luxury wells. The car is also equipped with a ceiling-mounted TV so that you can pass the time of leisure in the car. Comfortable air seat, as the Coste family car as comfortable. Huatong Scotia 4s shop Toyota Coaster TOYOTA always uphold the spirit of dedication to quality, to lead the new wave of high-level commercial vehicles, high-spirited Coaster forward in the pursuit of quality on the road, writing a legend.

the whole partition Toyota Coaster 12 standard configuration, the split off from the cockpit and passenger area, so talk business district staff more privacy. Full partition can be installed above the 32-inch LCD car display, whether it is watching a movie or sing with 7.1, it is a good choice.

Toyota Coaster modified commercial vehicles can be designed into a variety of styles you want, he can be a mobile office, as the best assistant in the office of our journey. Huatong Scotia Toyota Coaster car as a business in the choice seats and other interior many different design, rotating seat is the head of a commercial vehicle Toyota Coaster features a huge, both to reflect the public different noble, but also can easily temporarilyHeld an emergency meeting.

Toyota Coaster 12 commercial vehicle modified in a number of other configurations interior also has its own unique and distinguished. Personalized design car refrigerator practical and intimate, whether we can save what we want food or fruit in the refrigerator at all times. On the carpet design, Huatong Scotia Toyota Coaster 12 modified commercial vehicles pay more attention to the commercial vehicle sense of quality, luxury yacht wooden carpet comfortable flame retardant type channel carpets, Toyota Coaster modified commercial vehicles in the interior design private individuals can complete customized according to our needs.

seat layout

Toyota Coaster modified car is taken to the front from the back seat of a reasonable arrangement, coupled with the main co-pilot seats. But we can also find the main passenger’s seat is between the passenger compartment and can be separated by partitions. We can install on the partition large-screen LCD display. The guests at the reception we will be able to share with us or advertise our business or products.

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