2020 Volkswagen new car so what? Golf 8 successors, the electric car niche car into a new battlefield

Not long ago, Volkswagen announced that it will launch 34 new car models up to 2020, the full range of coverage in the show “muscle”, or that the mass market is undergoing readjustment ? In fact, 2020 is expected to release its new car, we can see some clues.

tilt to the field of electric vehicles

ID. Has shown signs targeted at mid-sized electric SUV, which is the first by the public MEB platform models, 2020 is expected to achieve localization.

car body is about 4.2 meters, a wheelbase of 2765mm. Followed ID. Language family, compared to its front face ID.3 more layered cell structures circular LED headlamps, with VW standard through-connected to both sides of the headlight with the lamp set, shape quite garde, with the use of a large area of ​​light that the lighting effect is quite amazing.

because the car is still heavy with paint, the overall visual effect is not yet known, but barely visible body side of the double-waist design, adds some sporty vehicle.

now known, in 2020 ID family has three models will be mass production into the market, from the current market situation in perspective, ID series for the public, both for electric vehicle field test the water, but also in the show muscle, the future Volkswagen will be inevitable in the field of electric vehicles to invest more resources. ID exploits as a model can be described as crucial for the public.

golf or eight generations into the final swan song

2020 Volkswagen Speaking of heavy vehicles, must be one eighth Gore. Golf For many people, is the feelings models. However, according to current news, eight generations of golf may be the last generation of golf! According to market sources, the public will stop generation Golf models, ID3 electric golf platform will be the successor.

appearance, eighth-generation Golf hatchback is still the classic design, the front face with a softSubstituted straight line of the design lines of the cash, the region surrounded by the details adjusted even more refined, but also added a new car LED lamp set.

Yashiro golf central control panel designed with suspension, the whole was equipped with a liquid crystal instrument panel, in addition to the electronic shift lever is added, but also to interior compared to the previous generation of many fine appears.

golf cars more than 40 years of history, many generations of tradition make it in the world with countless fans. 8 In fact, golf appearance and technical details are public ID.3 and electric platforms there are many similarities. Both have achieved a high degree of sharing of parts, will be the future ID.3 golf successor, and eight generations of golf may also be the curtain call of the times for public internal combustion engine.

market segments force

is one of the public Viloran heavy vehicle next year’s upcoming Shanghai Volkswagen, a 2 + 2 + 3 the seven layout, located in the large luxury business MPV models.

From the outside, the public Viloran followed the Volkswagen family design language, but the vehicle model line is more like a typical American MPV – short front long body design, but also that it pay more attention to the rational distribution of interior space.

power section, the car equipped with 2.0T turbocharged engine, the maximum power of 163kW, peak torque 350Nmiddot; m, 7 match the transmission speed wet dual-clutch gearbox; In addition, new car is expected in the future will provide 330TSI (2.0T low power version), PHEV and other models.

[summary] These three models are VW 2020 models relatively heavy, in fact, difficult to find, the public in 2020 will be more likely to turn their attention to electric cars and niche vehicles in the area.

a publicHave favored field of electric vehicles resources, on the one hand deep plowing market segments, expand market share. From the current situation, the automobile market has not yet receded cold, but at a time when the transition to electric vehicles fuel vehicles occasion for such an industry giant Volkswagen, the 2020 seems to have become their years of change.

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