2021 Buick GL6 market price of 149,900 yuan -16.99 ten thousand yuan

[ Juxun Wang reported ] 2020 November 19 ,, 2021 Buick GL6 sale. 3 new car models were introduced, equipped with 48V light mixing technology, the whole system comes standard with dual-10.25 inches instrument and the associated control screen and using the latest iteration of the Buick intelligent interconnect technology, with ldquo; terracotta brown rdquo; color leather seats, priced at 149,900 yuan -16.99 million.

Buick GL6 is a compact MPV, ideal for family use. 2021 models GL6 of the biggest changes is that the power from the old 1.3T, 1.3T light becomes mixed. The car is divided into elite, luxury and exclusive. SAIC-GM-2021 models offer major powertrain components GL6 8 years or 160,000 km factory warranty, as well as the annual 100G ldquo; OnStar OnStar 4G car linked application free flow rdquo; service.

2021, paragraph

[ 123]

323T light luxury hybrid network

159,900 yuan

323T hybrid network distinguished type light

16.99 ten thousand yuan

body color: white snow, Wheat gold, purple nebula, siderite gray

tabulation: Juxun Wang [123 ]

323T light elite hybrid network 149,900 yuan

light hybrid more fuel, powered smoother

[] [] 123 123 2021 Buick paragraph GL6 mounted Ecotec 1.3T dual injection turbocharged engine and six-speed transmission intelligent DSS, and an independent motor with a 48-volt, 48-volt battery, the power management module and the hybrid control system of the light mixing units, braking energy recovery can be achieved, agile start-stop, electric power, electric idle, intelligent charging and other electric functionality. This hybrid system may be the maximum rated output power of 120 kilowatts / 5500 rev / min, the maximum torque of 230 Nm / 1800 to 4400 rev / min, b satisfies six States emission standards.

Thanks to the light mixed blessing 48V technology, paragraph 2021 of travel ldquo GL6; texture rdquo; significantly improved. When the vehicle is started, the motor 48 volts can be more quickly, smoothly start the engine; places hybrid drive mode acceleration, improve system efficiency; deceleration, the engine speed is maintained and operated by a 48 volt accessory motor output power, longer engine deceleration off oil time, better noise damping effect and reduce vehicle fuel consumption. In addition, the system can decelerate the vehicle, part of the energy produced when braking into electrical energy, stored in the 48-volt battery power.

In light hybrid power technology, 2021 Buick GL6 more brisk start, accelerate smoother, quieter driving, comprehensive status hundred kilometers down to 6.1 liters, fuel-efficient 7.6 percentage compared to the current model, further optimize the cost of family travel. It is worth mentioning that this light mixing system after several rounds of 500,000 hours bench tests and vehicle durability testing cycles harsh working conditions, to ensure greater stability and reliability.

The latest iteration of Internet technology more friendly and more convenient

2021, paragraph

Buick GL6 equipped with the new iteration of Buick eConnect 3.0 Smart Internet Technology, the whole system comes standard with high-definition full-color double-10.25 Instrumentation associated with the control inch screen, support for multi-screen interaction comprises the user terminal, including mobile phones, multi-application smart scene-screen, moving 3D display efficiency extensions; central control panel interface with a new UI flat design, can be disposable show more cards tasks, simple and clear, convenient operation.

2021, paragraph

Buick GL6 intelligent speech recognitionDo not the ability to further upgrade the built-in IFLYTEK voice systems, support interrupted in the middle, several rounds of dialogue with dialogue scenes rich context, closer to daily communication scene; ecosystem phone and car machine car to get through the current mainstream network is associative, new car super ID super personal account with a third-party account associated functions, APP application data between the vehicle computer and cell phone can be shared cloud to enhance the usability of the on-board system.

safe and comfortable upgrade more practical and more peace of mind

practical terms, the new 2021 models GL6 installation of a roof rack, not only to vehicle add dynamic styling, but also provide more practical convenience for leisure travel home. Cockpit continuation of the highly acclaimed ldquo; 2 + 2 + 2rdquo; six layout, create a class-leading efficient and comfortable space. Interior design was further optimized, brand new center console and instrument modeling and fashion, it all themselves; the new three-spoke multifunction steering wheel and bring better visual effect grip handle; three rows of seats according to ergonomics learn to build, to ensure that every passenger can enjoy a pleasant and comfortable ride experience; the second and third row seats flat down, volume up to 1521 liters of available cargo space huge, multi-purpose fully meet the demand for travel.

uphold the Buick consistent safety concept 2021 models GL6 not only equipped with a wealth of active and passive safety, to meet the 2018 CNCAP five-star crash safety standards, the top model is also equipped with front tips from the car, forward collision warning, lane departure warning, side blind zone alert and intelligent automatic parking and other security technology. In addition, the new car also be employed outstanding reputation Buick QuietTuning Patent Technology mute, and the whole system standard automatic air conditioning, air conditioning filter nanoscale anti PM2.5, Dual USB charging port rear, large panoramic sunroof, rear windows and rear wind privacy glass, four electric windows with anti-pinch feature one-button automatic lift, with heated electrically adjustable exterior mirrors and other rich configuration, provide good protection for high-quality travel happy family.

Today, many children growing family, focusing on the ldquo; there are old, under a small rdquo; young NewThe actual needs of middle-class families, Buick 2021 Buick GL6 undertake deep plowing domestic brand family car market deep accumulation and technological first-mover advantage, and relying on SAIC GM’s industry-leading ldquo; reliable security system and service system; wisdom made rdquo multi-family scene the new generation of vehicles, providing high-quality travel choice, so happy more texture.

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