2021 Buick, let the business car are not so boring, low-key!

Most of the business cars have been young. It is no longer suitable for business cars, but there are some Canni-Circuits that can continue to be used as a B-level administrative car, such as Buick. Buick has been in the leading model of the business car, low-key rather than exaggerated, but it does not loses the special steadyness of the B-class car. Buick LaChanda’s manufacturer guidance price is 21.98-289,800 yuan.

Buick, 2021, Buick, the 2nd route model, 1 1.5T engine model, manufacturer guide price of 219,800 yuan, and 3 The 2.0T engine model, the manufacturer’s guide price is 23.98-289,800 yuan. And I am more recommended is 2.0T 652T precious version, let’s take a look!

In terms of appearance, although LaCros is still a B-level executive car but its color is online and has high recognition, there is no traditional administrative business car. The front face uses a new flying wing grille, inspired by Buick Avista concept car, the intake grille is surrounded by metal chrome, extends to the exhibition LED headlights on both sides (support HBA intelligent remote light automatic switching Functional), while adaptive remote light and day-to-day driving lights have used LED light sources, so that the head looks delicate and luxurious. The streamline of the body is very smooth, the length is 5026 x 1866 x1462mm, the wheelbase is 2905mm, and the 18-inch rim is used.

In terms of interior, the predetermined version of the car is two-color design, and the central control metal trim strip has been running through the front of the co-pilot, and a large number of vehicles have been used. Soft material, better touch! This level will have an 8-inch LCD dashboard, 8 inches central control LCD screen, HUD header digital display, dermis multi-function steering wheel. The fur paste, with heating and ventilation, massage, heating function, the main driving seat with electronic memory function, and the rear seat can be set. The comfort of the seat is a big sale point, good wrap, the sound insulation effect is also good, and it is very suitable for business administration.

There is a BOSE audio and 11 speakers in the car.When you match the audio of Bose is definitely enjoyable! In addition, in terms of configuration, the car is equipped with streaming media rearview mirror, PM2.5 air filtration device, and in-vehicle air purifier, and a monochrome atmosphere light in the car. All-round-new generation Econnect interconnect technology and Onstar Anji Star full-time online assistant, with 4G traffic in the car, support Carplay, Carlife, and OTA remote upgrade. Safety configuration includes reversing images, reversing car side warning, adaptive cruise, automatic parking, uphill assist, remote start function, lane maintain auxiliary system, lane deviation warning, etc.

In terms of dynamic, the distinguished version of the LaChand is a SLY 2.0T turbocharged engine, the maximum release 237 horsepower, peak torque 350 cattle MIDDOT; rice, equipped with 9AT gearbox.


Premium version is the middle model of the luxury version and the Avia Ultimate, the main difference between the distinguished version and the luxury version is the configuration, and the distinguished version is configured. It will be relatively abundant. For example, there are more lanes to deviate from the warning, lane maintain assistance, active brake, automatic parking, and the size of the liquid crystal instrument is also upgraded to 8 inches, the deluxe version is 4.2-inch, from visual Still very different. Two cars were 30,000 in the manufacturer’s guide price, but the difference in configuration is large. If you still feel that the distinguished version is not atmospheric, you can upgrade to the Avia Ultimate under the budget. This manufacturer’s guidance price is 289,800 yuan, because the Ultimate can be adjusted on the suspension, and the comfort will be improved again; the lathelet is self-contained in the car, and the rear seat can also be heated, ventilated and massage. , The rear wind block sunshade, etc., can be said to be existed for passengers, if it is a business car, I recommend the Evian flagship version, if it is self-use, I recommend a low gear than the flagship version Premium version.

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