2021 China Automobile Chongqing “Wisdom”: The automotive industry chain has become the widest

“Currently, the global automobile industry has entered a period of not changed in a hundred years, electricization, net linkage, intelligence has become our development trend and trend, and the function of automotive products is made by simple transportation energy storage unit. Smart digital space expansion, electronic, software, etc., the proportion of the value chain, the industrial chain accelerates the extension, new technologies, new models, new models, new states, and industrial ecology And competitive patterns are fully reshaping. “

Industrial and Information Technology Department of Equipment Industrial Sorti Luo Junjie said, overall, China’s auto industry enters the superposition period of the transformation and global technology change It faces a rare historical opportunity, and there are many problems and challenges.

On June 12th, 2021 China Auto Chongqing Forum, who is the theme of “Future of Intelligence Middle”; The Chongqing Yuelai International Conference Center officially opened. Government and industry institutions, car companies leaders, industry experts, and industry chains, all fields of various fields, together, together with how to integrate development, and intelligence the future.

The automotive industry chain became “the longest” [the most broad “

China International Trade Promotion Committee President of Automotive Industry Committee, China International Chamber of Commerce Auto Industry Chamber of Commerce The president Wang Xia said last year, although China’s passenger car sales decline slightly, the intelligent network passenger car increased by 107% year-on-year, accounting for about 15%. It is predicted that by 2025, partial automatic driving (PA), conditional automatic driving (CA) levels of smart network car market share exceeds 50%, and may exceed 70% in 2030. According to the existing market size, 50% is 1.2.5 million, 70% is 1.75 million. Such a huge market temptation, leading to a lot of capital, talents continue to collect, technology acceleration iteration, the automotive industry has become a gentlemen of entrepreneurship, golden golden paradise.

Wang Xia believes that any technological revolution will bring the great liberation of productivity, and the liberation of productivity will bring the reconstruction of production relations. Electric intelligence is the greatest technical revolution, after the birth of the car, and the industry chain of the car has become the longest.The relationship between the largest, OEM (original equipment manufacturer), Tier1 (Auto Parts Supplier), and ICT (Information and Communication Technology), from the chain, OEM (original equipment manufacturer), and ICT (information and communication technology) companies have also become more complex.

China International Trade Promotion Committee President, president of the Chinese International Chamber of Commerce Automobile Industry Chamber of Commerce

Specific analysis, OEM mission No changes, the advantage cannot be underestimated. The biggest core competitiveness of OEM is to establish product definitions and technical integration capabilities based on consumer demand, as well as brand building capacity. In the new era of electric intelligence, OEM needs to be implemented in new technical means and new business models. However, Tier1 cannot only accept the demand instructions of the host factory as before, but also pay attention to terminal requirements and market trends. In addition, ICT companies must find their role positioning, handle relationships with OEMs and traditional Tier1, don’t think about winners. The complexity of the car is not a quantitude and any electronic product, and the heart of the car is the premise of success.

“The most essential feature of the smart network car is through the interoperability sharing of data information, bringing efficient and security to the society, bringing a better experience for consumers, and all our change should be obedient. The direction of the ultimate goal. “Wang Xia said.

Only in the development of the development, it is necessary for the future

Changan Auto Chairman, Party Secretary Zhu Huarong believes that the current new car industry characterized by “software definition car” It is forming three major models represented by traditional car companies, new forces and technology innovation companies.

Zhu Huarong, Chairman of Changan Auto, Party Committee, Zhu Huarong

He believes that technology companies often have a deep accumulation in the fields of software, algorithms, big data, etc. The advantages of “software definition car”, but should see the complexity of traditional manufacturing systems; the advantage of traditional vehicle companies is that there is a complete upper and downstream chains and mature production system capabilities, but in high-tech accumulation and talent structure Do not occupy the advantage, need to cut the “pulse” of the era, there must be revolutionary transformation, accelerating the integration of high-techEcological elements; new to the new forces to cut into the smart car track, built a smart, Nets and even differentiated cognitions in the user, but the most critical is that there is no model for business profit, so development will also encounter New bottleneck. Therefore, only fusion development is a win-win situation and is the biggest utilization of social resources.

Wang Xia also believes that synergy and integration are keywords when reconstructing new production relations. In addition to the collaboration between OEM, Tier1 and ICT companies, there is also a road coordination (this is the biggest characteristics and advantage of my country’s development of intelligent networks), and the hardware and software is a collaboration (I have a more acceptable of hardware and software commonly defined cars. ), Synergy between fuel vehicles and electric vehicles (both respectful market demands must be respectful, and keep up with new technology trends). In addition, traditional suppliers are far from the C-terminal, but many ICT companies also have powerful link C-terminations. When establishing a new consumer relationship, it is necessary to effectively cooperate with the host factory to avoid mutual conflicts.

In short, the new industrial ecology and the new technology revolution are complementary, mutual promotion, need to cause us to pay equal attention. Just like this forum theme: Only fusion development can only be intelligent.

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