2021 Hunan Auto Show comprehensive upgrade

Time: April 30th to May 5

Location: Hunan International Convention and Exhibition Center (next to Changsha World Window)

This ” May 1st “enlargement, the auto show invites you to call. On April 30, 2021 Hunan Auto Exhibition and Changsha City Auto Consumption Festival (hereinafter referred to as “2021 Hunan Auto Show”) grandly opened in Hunan International Convention and Exhibition Center. The current auto show is the first large indoor auto show of the first large indoor auto industry in 2021 in Hunan Province and the China Central Automobile Industry, from April 30 to May 5. The total number of exhibited brands in this year and the new brand creative class is fully upgraded.

As the four seasons of 2021, the theme of the Spring, the Spring, the Great Midd 2; the brand Changsha Consumer Season, 2021 Hunan Auto Show platform operation, create a three-dimensional auto show, serial, drink, play, fun, live, music, etc. Experience, borrow “May 1” small holiday gold node, invites the people of the province to “punch card Hunan Auto Show, visit Hong Changsha”.

A unprecedented number of new brands, new car first debut

As a year of Chinese car feast, I went through the 13-year brand tempering road, Hunan Auto Show In the field of automotive industries, exhibition areas, and public reputation have produced important influence, have accumulated powerful kinetic energy, and the valeries are evaluated as “most selling vehicles” and “best selling vehicles”. 2021 Hunan Auto Show opened Hunan International Convention and Exhibition Center, the second floor showroom and outdoor square, exhibition size 70,000 square meters, a total of more than 600 exhibition cars in more than 20 countries around the world, more than 100 exhibitors.

including Mercedes, BMW, Audi, Lexus, Volvo, Lincoln, Imported Volkswagen, SAIC Volkswagen, FAW Volkswagen, Guangqi Toyota, FAW Toyota, Guangqi Honda, Guangqi Mitsubishi, Guangqi Phi-Fork, Dongfeng Nissan, Qi Chen, BYD, Geely, Changan Auto, Chevrolet, Beijing Hyundai, Skoda, Changan Ford, Hongqi, Dongfeng Yueda Kia, the mainstream car brands such as Jewa, Xiaopeng Auto, have been hosted in the Hunan Auto Show. Many branded booths are nearly a thousand square meters, and there are also high-standard extensions in all major manufacturers. It is understood that the live exhibit brand is 90% more than the A-grade auto show, novel design, cool color.Hunan Auto Show is like a fashion feast, which will make consumers feel different.

2021 Hunan Auto Show seized the advantage of the “Auto Show”, and also has the advantage of “brand first show”. Among the exhibitors, there is no brand in the first exhibition of Xiaopeng, Sky Car, Sails, Bombardi, Ideal Car, etc. In addition, FAW-Volkswagen’s new, Dongfeng Nissan, a new generation of Qi Jun, Guangqi Chuan M6 Pro, SAIC Volkswagen ID4 X and Mercedes-Benz, BMW, Geely and other brands will be debuted at the auto show.

In addition to the international domestic first-line car brand, this year’s auto show will fully display the latest developments and trends in global and national auto. It is expected that the Hunan Auto Show this year 6 days, the number of viewers will exceed 80,000, and the sales amount exceeded 6 billion yuan, and the influence is again upgraded.

B is extraordinary: Creating a platform showing Changsha achievements and image

Continued 14th Hunan Auto Show, promoting the economic development of Changsha, promoting consumption upgrade Role. Especially last year, Hunan Auto Show started the “first shot” of the national convention and prevention and control of normalization, and became the first recovered large exhibition in the national auto industry. Changsha also became the provincial capital city in the country to resume the exhibition industry. Hunan Auto Show, is known as the “Blue Exhibition” “Blue Exhibition” by the industry, and has been highly praised by the domestic and international exhibition community, and is rated by the International Exhibition Alliance as the only “Demonstration Case” in 2020.

2021 Hunan Auto Show is fully upgraded, “Enjoy the car life, the new journey” is followed by the pace of the times, conveys the powerful confidence that sails and then starts. Today, Hunan Auto Show is no longer a simple “Exhibition”, not a place to sell cars, consumers, but to create a car show into a “window” of Changsha landscape, become a “window” of Changsha landscape A brand activity that enhances urban reputation and popularity.

Changsha is a car production in the middle and consumer, and the retail sales of automotive goods in the first quarter of this year are nearly 14 billion yuan, a year-on-year increase of 47.7 percentage. Hunan Auto Show will also have a great promotion of the car dealer to complete the semi-annual task, and also bring more favorable purchase benefits to Hunan consumers, establish the banner of upgrading of Changsha Consumption.. As a stage for automobile cultural development, Hunan Auto Show will show a good-looking, fun, and helpful car consumption cultural feast.

C affordable superior: watch the car to buy a car “ten big prizes” waiting for you to take

For the majority of consumers, Hunan The auto show is also the “most affordable” auto show. According to the 2020 Hunan Auto Show statistics, there will be a new car order every 3 viewers. This year’s auto show, “discount” will continue to upgrade, government, car dealers, and organizing committees to tailor the consumers to make multiple affordable “winning” “award”, planning a rich event participation in the award, visiting the caravan and live car purchase Awards, etc.

At present, Changsha County, Kaifu District and other districts have issued a subsidy policy of real gold and silver for this year’s auto show. During the Hunan Auto Show, you can enjoy the car to pay for the car, you can enjoy the government’s financial subsidies, or give each car to subsidize the thousand yuan oil card, or superimpose the appreciation of car finance and maintenance services.

The Auto Show Organizing Committee jointly launched “buy new car, plus petrified oil” activities, filling your new car full of the first box of oil, 100 car car will receive a face value Sinopec recharge card of 500 yuan. In order to promote the revitalization of rural villages, this Hunan Auto Show launched to revitalize the “oil” activities, combined with the “Hui Nong Award”, the car purchase, the car, the purchase, the ID card, etc. Received a 600 yuan in Petrochemical recharge card electronic voucher. Similarly, 100 per day, while stocks last.

In addition, the Hunan Auto Show Organizing Committee jointly leads the driving school, the father driving school, Chang Xiang driving school and other brand driving institutions brings “driving school car group”, come to the Hunan Auto Show, can not only look at the car, buy a car, but also Enjoy the on-site registration special for the driving school; Hunan Auto Show Organizing Committee, Changsha City Culture and Tourism and Television Bureau jointly launched “Tag Hunan Auto Show, visit the Hong Changsha” activities, hold the Hunan Auto Show ticket to Xiangjiang Happy City, Bela Town , Shi Niu Village and Shrimp Dragon, Mr. Damai, etc., many net red food, etc., you can enjoy exclusive benefits.

2021 Hunan Auto Show This ultra-high-specific car feast is not only good, fun, the organizing committee also prepares “Ten Major”, including the “Top Ten”, including the Campaign, Huidong Award , Family Prize, Cash Award, 5GAward, Red Drill Award, Lucky Award, Card Award, Learning Mike, Come, etc. In the prizes, the Sinopec recharge card sent by the SHIHHHHUCE Changsha is worth nearly a million yuan, buy a car, and see the cars.

D mode wins: Open Hunan Auto Show platform for the first year

“This year, Hunan Auto Show is converted by ‘professional office’ to the ‘joint office, by’ running ‘Make the platform’ change, make platform effects, realize social benefits, economic benefits double harvest. “The person in charge of the Auto Show Organizing Committee said that the Hunan Auto Show has been held for the 14th, became the Changsha Exhibition brand, China Car market business card, this important reason behind this is “mode win”.

It can be said that this year’s Hunan Auto Show is a valid link to the first year of realizing platform-working operations, car and consumption, travel, etc. Using the car show, focusing, opening up, forming a link, effectively transforming the flow of people from the auto show into Changsha, so that the Hunan Auto Show is exhibiting high, and the meeting will contribute to the construction of the city.

This year’s Hunan Auto Show will be shifted by the “May Exhibition” to the “Open Year”, the exhibition can end but the service is not ending. Hunan Auto Show will work with normalization, long-term operation, and Hunan Auto Show will become a platform for the company’s exchange industry information, planning industry activities, service industry development, and industry exhibitions will become a big family in the car.

In recent years, Changsha Exhibition Industry can protrude, depending on the accurate positioning of the exhibition industry: special emphasis on the industrial exhibition and serve industrial services. Changsha Exhibition Industry is through full collection of various industrial elements, relying on strong industrial basis and deep cultural heritage, and then with the full planning and top design, the top-level design, the top-level design, and the market is realized. Dock. As the largest, most popular in the middle, the best car market feast, industry platform, and Hunan Auto Show will actively play large exhibitions to drive economic development and promote consumption upgrading, to work hard to implement “three high-four new” strategies, promote High quality development contributing to the automotive power. The industry believes that this year’s Hunan Auto Show will play industry demonstration effects, realize the exchange of products, transactions and technology, and create a real-world-influential brand exhibition to help build Changsha to become an internationally renowned ofExhibition city.

It is reported that 2021 Hunan Auto Show has a strong and luxurious office camp. The Hunan Auto Show was guided by the China Auto Flow Association, the Chinese Automobile Engineering and Commerce Association, China Automobile Engineering Society, Hunan Provincial Department of Commerce, Changsha Municipal People’s Government to receive the Changsha Municipal Committee, Changsha Municipal Committee, Nets Office, Changsha City Exhibition, Changsha Municipal Bureau of Commerce, Changsha Cultural Tourism and Television Bureau, and special support from the people’s governments of various districts (cities), by Hunan Daily, Changsha Evening News, Sanxiang Metropolis Daily, Hunan Province Automobile Chamber of Commerce.

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