2021 Interbattery launched, not watching electric vehicles, but show battery?

With 2021 Interbattery, the battery providers of major vehicles and consumer electronics also show their battery programs. After all, the product is the best speaker, and the display technology can also be well known through consumer public. Or brand, achieve the best promotional effect.

Porsche Taycan car system, Mercedes-Benz EQC: LG ENERGY SOLUTION

First saw the Taycan car system under the luxury level Porsche is the first pure electric vehicle product, published by the market, currently After the subscription, the payment must wait for a considerable time; its battery pack has 79.2kWh and 93.4kWh version, and its battery supplier is LG Energy Solution.

Further, Mercedes-Benz EQC also uses the LG Energy Solution battery solution; although the original factory does not announce the model of its battery core and module, it is speculated that Taycan and EQC should be It is a modified triple lithium battery solution.

Ford F-150 Lightning: SK Innovation

The Ford F-150 Lightning pure electric truck recently published, published 48 hours later Nearly 45,000 orders, see the US market is quite interested in F-150 Lightning. The original factory does not publish F-150 Lightning battery information, but it can be determined to use SK INNOVATION NCM 9 battery solution.

NCM 9 belongs to one of the three-dimensional lithium battery, mainly in the ratio of nickel to 90%, thereby reducing the manufacturing cost of the battery while capable of energy Density maintains a certain manifestation. It is to be specifically described that the vehicle factory supply chain has the possibility of multiple home, and the proportion may also have a gap, only a reference.

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