2021 Lanbokini URUS how many Lamborghini

The name of 21 URUs has also been derived from a bull image representing the Lamborghini. URUS, also known as Aurochs (European Bison), huge body, is one of the ancestors of cows. The Spanish bullfighting in the past 500 years has been very similar to the URUS in the appearance. Urus is undoubtedly an identified Lamborghini, not only draws inspiration from its own legends LM002, but also follows the classic super sports car gene of Lamborghini: 2/3 body and 1/3 window super sports car proportion design . Talk to this world today, the world’s fastest SUV, there is a contact information at the bottom of the article, the current car picture real shot.

21 Langborphini URUS has a front face design of the battlefield, and the position of the front power unit is clearly identical under the hood of the hood. This front face design follows the design style of classic models Miura and Aventador. The oblique hood line used in countach is also used, highlighting the unlimited dynamics of Lamborghini. The landmarks of low-end heads are rugged, and Urus is the most powerful SUV today. The large hexagonal air port is connected to the low-ray spoiler, further emphasizes the aerodynamic efficiency of the vehicle and excellent performance performance. The front light is set, the lines are smooth, the shape is slender, the insecure, the LED headlights still use the Lamborghini classic Y-shaped design.

Lamborghini-Lamborghini URUS power source is a 4.0T V8 double turbocharger all-aluminum engine, maximum power 478kW (650PS) / @ 6000rpm, maximum torque 850 nmiddot; M / @ 2250-4500rpm, the transmission is matched with an 8AT gearbox. In the case of 2200 kg of the whole vehicle, its push ratio is 3.38 kg / ps.

Lamborghini Tamburo Driving Dynamic selector is located in the center console, can control the dynamic system of the whole car, and switch driving according to the driver’s preferences and road conditions: Strada (road ), Sport (sports) and Corsa (track) mode,And new Neve (snow) mode. At the same time, two off-road modes: Terra (off-road) and Sabbia (sand).

Lamborghini URUS has cutting-edge technology and easy operability. The seat of the perfect embedded cabin adopts the low design of the super sports car while ensuring the ultimate comfort. For the driver, the regulation of the cabin can be tentacked.

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Lamborghini has a high hope for this new car, plan The sales of Lamborghini have doubled through URUS, and the total sales volume of the total sales reached 7,000, which has greatly recently the sales level of 8000+, Ferrari. From the market environment, Lamborghini URUS is at least too direct competitors.

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